Hi! Welcome to my web page!! I want you to know that your presence here is so appreciated! Please browse around the site to your heart’s content. I hope your time spent here will be of benefit to you.  I look forward to engaging with you through this Blog.

A couple of important things:

1.  You can peruse the site by simply navigating to the top menu and make your desired choice, such as reading weekly devotionals.

2. If you would like to receive my weekly devotional please send your email address to me at max@maxsmithonline.com or use the Weekly Devotional link on the right side and I will gladly add you to my email list.

3. Be sure to leave comments where appropriate. Our “Blogging” is what makes this experience so unique!

4. Let me know if you have any trouble accessing the devotionals or anything else. I can be contacted at max@maxsmithonline.com.

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