Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in the United States commemorating the harvest of the Plymouth Colony in 1621.  The event followed a winter of great hardship. When it was first inaugurated, only a few eastern states participated.  However, through the efforts of Sarah Hale, a change was affected.  She pleaded long and earnestly […]


Fulton Oursler tells of an experience when he was a small boy, dressed in his Sunday best and warned by his mother not to leave the front steps.  “We’ll be walking over to see your aunt” she promised.  He waited obediently until the baker’s son came by and called him a sissy. Then, little Fulton […]


     Convicted murderer Richard Ligget died of cancer and was buried on prison grounds in a $ 215 dollar casket last March. The casket was of his own design, one of many he had already made for other convicts who had died in prison.  Last June, Ruth Graham was laid to rest in a casket […]


     There is no short cut to greatness.  Days and years must be spent in purposeful action.  The renowned pianist, Paderewski, practiced 8 hours each day when on tour. Madame Guiomar Novaes, one of the great living pianists, spent two days before a concert in practice for that one performance.  Baseball’s matchless, Ty Cobb practiced […]