Melted Saints

     George Sweeting, in his book, “The No-Guilt Guide to Witnessing,” tells that during a serious shortage of currency in Great Britain, Oliver Cromwell selected a group of men to search for silver to meet the need.  Several months later they filed this report: “We have searched the empire in vain to find silver.  To our dismay, we found none except in the great cathedrals, where the saints are constructed of choice silver.”

     When they heard that discouraging report, Cromwell issued this order: “Let’s melt down the saints and put them into circulation.”  Sweeting concludes, “That’s our need today.”

     How great is the need for a ‘meltdown’ of Christians to make a real impact in our world.  It has been said of we Christians for us not to be so heavenly that we are no earthly good.  We must let our light shine so the world can see Christ. 

     Jesus said, “…let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16  NIV

     The great proof of Christianity is the Christian.  The drawing power of Christ is not in programs and buildings, it is through the life of the Believer.   We need to do what comes naturally and that is to show and tell people about Jesus who lives in us.  So often, we are afraid to do this because of our own imperfection.  Of course, we are sinners but in Jesus, forgiven sinners, and that is the Good News to share with others.  They can be forgiven too.

     As we begin a New Year, may we take seriously our responsibility to be an influence for Christ. Nitzschke said, “Show me that you have been redeemed and I will believe in your Redeemer.”

                                       Happy New Year


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  1. Thanks Max for another good Devotion. Look forward to them each week. Hope Jo is feeling better today. You both are in our prayers. We love you.

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