A Heart that Yearned for God

By now, you know that I am a Lincoln buff.  I have many books on Lincoln. Our dinning room walls are covered with pictures of Lincoln.  Jo and I have traveled the Lincoln Heritage Trail through Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. We have visited Ford Theater and the Peterson House across the street where Lincoln died.  Lincoln is a man for all ages.  I hope my devotionals this month, the month of Lincoln’s birth have been helpful to you in knowing this great man better.

I want to share some words from the book by G. Frederick Owen entitled, “A Heart That Yearned For God.”  In the forward by Billy and Ruth Graham, they state, “Many of us are convinced that Lincoln cannot be expained apart from his faith in God and his growing love for Christ and the Bible.”
The Civil War weighed heavily upon the mind and heart of Lincoln.  President Lincoln went to God about the matter. “Oppressed by the gravity of our affairs, I went to my room…and locked the door and got down on my knees before Almighty God and prayed to him mightily for victory at Gettysburg. I made a solemm vow to Almighty God that if He would stand by our boys at Gettysburg, I would stand by Him…And after that, I don’t know how it was, and I cannot explain it, soon a sweet comfort crept into my soul. The feeling came that God had taken the whole business into His own hands, and that things would go right at Gettysburg.”  As history teaches us Gettysburg was the end of the Civil War.  Lincoln’s philosphy was summed up in the terse phrase: RIGHT IS MIGHT.  Lincoln was always concerned about being on the side of the right. “Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.”

Dr. James Kennedy tells this last incident in Lincoln’s life.  Abraham and Mary attended Ford Theater. Lincoln leaned forward and whispered to Mary, “you know what I would like to do now–go with you to the Near East.  As Lincoln talked, a young security guard had gone to a tavern near by for a couple drinks, thinking that nothing was going to happen.  During this time, another young man quietly opened the door of Lincoln’s box. Lincoln was saying to Mary, “we could go to Bethlehem where He was born.”   John Wilks Booth stepped into the Presidential box.  Lincoln said, “we could visit Bethany, follow in those hallowed footsteps.”  Booth lifted his gun and aimed it at the back of the President’s head.  Lincoln said, “we could go up to Jeru…”  Booth pulled the trigger, the maddest pistol shot in history rang out, and a bullet pierced the head of Abraham Lincoln. He was carried across the street to the Peterson House, where Lincoln died the next morning.  Could it be that the last words of Lincoln were, “we could go up to Jeru…?”  Well, Lincoln never went to the earthly Jerusalem, but if it is true, “that by their fruits you shall know them” then he certainly went up to the new Jerusalem.  Hopefully, Lincoln found the peace that all his life eluded him. 

May our search for peace lead us to the New Jerusalem in heaven with God. May we be known as a people who have hearts that yearn for God.

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  1. Thanks Max for another great devotion. It is just as if you were here reading to us. Hope you are doing ok. Miss seeing you.

  2. Grandpa, You are so funny; you have to tie in Lincoln! That is a great devotion! Love you!

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