Magnificent Obsession

  What a scene as dignitaries, such as Governor Festus and King Agrippa, seated themselves in all their pomp and royalty waiting for the Apostle Paul to be brought before them.  Paul, a prisoner, is brought before them.  Paul begins his speech, defending not himself but the Christ whom he loved and served.  He uttered a […]

Palestinian Missourian

  Missouri is the ‘show me’ state.  Peter Marshall calls the disciple of Jesus, Thomas, the “Palestinian Missourian”.  Thomas would not believe unless he saw for himself.  Resurrection from the dead was not a part of the experience of Thomas.  Why should he accept such a thing on the say so of others?   There […]

It Really Did Happen

  The city of Jerusalem is silent.  The Passover is finished. The throbbing excitement of the past few days is over.  The cruel voices of the mob to crucify Jesus are still now.  The city sleeps.  A bloody period, it seems, has been placed at the end of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.   But, […]

Death Ends Nothing

  In the quiet Easter morning, you are standing in front of a grave in a garden and you see a stone in the mouth of the tomb, but-the stone is moving, is moving.  God is rolling away the stone, not to let Jesus out, but to let you in.  Suddenly, you hear the angel […]

Bad Friday Turned Good

  We call it Good Friday, but there was nothing good about that Friday.  We need to be honest about the crucifixion of Jesus on Friday of 33 A.D.  Crucifixion was considered the most horrible form of death.  Peloubet’s Bible Dictionary gives a description of crucifixion that makes me cringe.  “The one to be crucified was stripped naked […]