Say It With Love

  Talk, talk, talk, talk, you hear it all the time. So often, talking is the source of much misunderstanding. It is disturbing that there is not enough ‘love talk.’  There is hate talk, fear talk, pain talk, guilt talk, threat talk, regret talk, envy talk, and spite talk.  But, there is so little ‘love talk.’  It seems that we have become embarrassed to talk about love.  Leo Buscaglia tells this sad story.  A woman whom he counseled told him, “I know that my husband is a good man, and he can be tender and he can speak of love.  I know that because he talks that way to the dog.”  
What a tragedy that we are not expressing love one to another.

  The Apostle Paul clearly defines the Christian’s task when he writes to the church in Ephesus telling them to  “Speak the truth in love.”   Ephesians 4:15   NIV

  The word “speak” here is used as conversation, primarily the conversation of our lives.  Our actions are our loud speakers.  Our actions speak so loud, people can’t hear a word that we are saying.  Our task is to declare and demonstrate the truth of God.  Remember, “our walk talks and our talk walks, but our walk talks further than our talk walks.”

  “Truth”  is what we speak.  We speak a good word about Jesus.  Jesus is truth in flesh.  The living word,  Jesus, is revealed through the written word, and becomes the spoken word through us.  Love is the means of making the speaking of the truth effective, productive, fruitful.

  “We’ve A Story To Tell To The Nations.”  What an amazing, incredible, marvelous story.  The story of God’s love for mankind.  How He went down into the valley of the shadow of death; there to labor, suffer, in order to give life to man.  The Good News is that “God so loved people that He gave His only Son to save them.”
What is the Good News?  It is the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  This message that we speak is not our subjective experience but the objective truth of God.  It is God’s message, His power unto salvation, for those who believe.   How can people refuse such love as the love of God?  I don’t think that they could if they heard God’s message correctly and understood it properly.  I want you to know that it is not only our responsibility to say the right thing (God’s Word), but we are equally responsible to say the right thing right.  God’s truth must be said in love.

  The Christian’s task is to plant the seed of God, which is His Word.  We must water and cultivate that truth but it is God who gives the increase.  Our responsibility is not to save souls.  Ours is to speak the truth in love, and God by His convicting Spirit will do the saving, if man responds.  People are confused, hurt, lost, going to a Christ-less grave. They can be reached, saved, through God’s message. 
                                                         “Say  It With Love.”

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