Search For Happiness

  Happiness is that for which all of us are seeking.  In the American Constitution, “the pursuit of happiness” is a basic human right.  Radio and Television have emphasized the ceaseless struggle for happiness.  No matter what the cost or who it hurts, we must have happiness.  We have made happiness the end and goal […]


“Listen to me for a day, an hour, a moment. Lest I expire in my terrible wilderness, my lonely silence. O God, is there no one to listen.” I want to share with you some material that I have used in teaching on the subject of “Listening.”   God gave us two ears and one tongue […]

“Never Give Up”

  This Sunday, September 20th, I will be preaching at both morning worship hours for First Church of Christ, (Christian) at Jackson, Michigan.  It is their 90th Anniversary.  I preached for this congregation for ten years, 1953 -1963.  I am thrilled that they would ask me to share in their celebration. I want to share some of […]

Where Is God?

  “Where is God?” is an appropriate question but perhaps a better one might be, “Where God ain’t?” “He was just a little lad, and on a Sabbath Day, was wondering home from Sunday School, and dawdling on the way.   He scuffed his shoe into the grass, and found a caterpillar; He found a fluffy milkweed […]

Point Of No Return

  On the 31st of July, 2009, I, with others of my family, were on top of the world.  We drove up to Alpine Visitor’s Center, outside of Estes Park, Colorado, which is over 12,000 feet above sea level.  We felt the extreme thin air, lack of oxygen. It was cold, around 42 degrees, and the […]