This Old House

  Someone has said, “Time flies when you are having fun.”  Let me tell you, that time flies whether you are having fun or not.  Days, months, years just rush by.  James tells us that “You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.”  James 4:14   My favorite statement about age is, “Age is a matter of the mind, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”  Edward Tuck said this about age, “Age is a quality of the mind. If you have left your dreams behind, if hope is cold, if you no longer look ahead, if your ambition’s fires are dead, then you are old.”

  There is such a lack of understanding concerning aging. There are those who have a difficult time with living and dying because they have no understanding of the origin, purpose and destiny of life.  To many people, life is basically selfish.  They just milk out of living all they can, as long as it gratifies their physical senses.  But, life is more than the physical.     :

This poem says it well.  “This Old House”
You tell me I am getting old, I tell you that’s not so.
The ‘house’ I live in is worn out and that, of course, I know.
It’s been in use a long, long while; It’s weathered many a gale.
I’m really not surprised you think it’s getting somewhat frail.
The color is changing on the roof, the windows getting dim.
The walls a bit transparent and looking rather thin,.
The foundation not so steady as once it used to be.
My ‘house’ is getting shaky, but my ‘house’ isn’t me.
My few short years can’t make me old, I feel I’m in my youth.
Eternity lies just ahead, a life of joy and truth.
I’m going to live forever there. Life will go on, it’s grand.
You tell me I am getting old?  You just don’t understand.
The dweller in my little ‘house’ is young and bright and gay.
Just starting on a life to last throughout eternal day.
You only see the outside, which is all that most folks see.
You tell me I am getting old?  You’ve mixed my ‘house’ with me.” 

  Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes writes about this ‘old house’ meaning this physical body.  He tried to find the highest good for living in fleshly pleasure, earthly wisdom and material wealth.  He tried wine, women and song. But, all he tried ended up in meaninglessness. He was not a happy, fulfilled man.  He was not a holy man but a hollow man. And as long as he looked for meaning “under the sun”, “under heaven” meaning this earth, this world, this physical body, he came up empty. 

  Solomon has told it all. He has been honest with his life’s story.  He found life here upon this earth meaningless.  Life is not a bowl of cherries.  It sometimes is the pits. Life is a challenge.  Life is sickness and terminal illness. Life is uncertain.  Life is deterioration and disappointment. So, be mindful of Solomon’s conclusion for living in this frail, imperfect world, “Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.”   Ecclesiastes 12:13        There you have the sum and substance of life. 

  None of us can find true happiness, contentment, meaning, without a right relationship with God. We are created by God and for God and to deny that is to make the greatest mistake possible. The search for meaning has to begin and end with God in Jesus Christ.  No matter your age.  No matter how the years have battered “this old house.”  Now, is the time for all of us to build our faith on the solid rock, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Max , as always, you have really spoken to my heart.
    I love this poem, I read it many years ago,but for some reason it really means more to me now !

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