The Open Doors

  The beloved John, imprisoned on the isle of Patmos, convict island, the Alcatraz of his day. Here John spent all his time, never leaving the confines of this island.  John says very little about his imprisonment, but it could not help but have an effect upon him. Therefore, one wonders what reaction John had, when God spoke to him of open doors. John knew only shut doors.  Doors of opportunity and privilege, doors of happiness and friendship, doors of unlimited service for Jesus; these were all shut doors to John,  Yet, God speaks to him of open doors.
Even to write to the church about open doors was difficult for John to do, because the church was going through difficult periods of persecution. Christians were being imprisoned and put to death. Rome was ruling with an iron fist.  It would seem that in the midst of such darkness, it was no time to talk about open doors.  Yet, this is the directive of God to John.

  We hear much about closing doors.  Doors shutting because of racial tension, rising nationalism, political religious forces and isms of all kind. Yet, God speaks of doors which He opens and no man can shut.
It is high time that we stop this deadly talk about closed doors.  It is time we listened to God and not to our defeated hearts.  Look at these open doors as shown to us in the Book of Revelation.

I-Open door of Revelation
Revelation 4:1 “After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.”
God wants to be known.   God offers to every person the door which leads to the knowledge of Himself.  We see God in all that He has made. Most of all, we see God as He is revealed to us through His Son, Jesus as recorded for us in the Bible.  We need to return to the Book. The Bible is not a closed book, unless by our indifference and neglect, we leave it shut. The door of revelation of God is an open door.  The Bible is the adequate piece of the mind of God.  We can know God.

II-Open door of intimate fellowship with Christ
Revelation 3:20 “Here I am. I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.” 
At the door of every heart, there comes the knock of the nail pierced hand.  He wants to come in. However, He recognizes the right of each person to open the heart’s door or keep it shut.  It is as the occupant pleases. Christ will not force entrance into our hearts. The answer to every need is before the door of the heart, in Christ. But, we have to let Him in. If we do, the past will be forgiven, the present changed and the future made glorious.  “What a fellowship, what a joy divine.”

III-Open door of opportunity
Revelation 3:8  “I know your deeds.  See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut, I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.”   
What a beautiful witness, the Christians were to the world in which they lived.  The glorious message of Jesus was spread by word and deed to people everywhere. Their faithfulness, to their God, was evident to all.

  It is not the doors that are shut. It is our minds, our hearts, our eyes that are closed.
There was a door closed in Jerusalem one day, a door closed by fear. Jesus had been crucified and His disciples huddled behind a locked door in an upper room, defeated.  But, no door can stay shut to the Lord.  John writes, “”Though the doors were locked. Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.”  John 20:26  Not even fear can hold Jesus out of our hearts and task, if we will commit ourselves unto Him.
The doors are open,  The issue is, what are we going to do about these open doors?  They stay open only as we use them.   Our God is able.  Will we make use of God’s open doors? 

2 Responses to “The Open Doors”

  1. Thanks for all you do and show us…the open doors.

    Annemarie and I really love you.


  2. Thank you Max for writing a devotional that all can understand the meanings so well. I appreciate the research you have put into the devotionals each and every week.

    They have helped me in my studies and morning reading time as I read my bible.

    Dianne and I Love you very much.


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