Saints In Caesar’s Household

  The Apostle Paul closes his letter to the Philippians with a very surprising greeting when he wrote “All the saints send you greetings, especially those who belong to Caesar’s household.”   Philippians 4:22 Remember, Paul is writing this letter from a Roman prison. He has been given liberty to carry on his ministry from his […]

Who Am I?

To too many people today, Life is a dismal habit.  Purposelessness, dehumanization, loneliness, these characterise our age.  People do not know who they are.  Loss of meaning in life results in moral and emotional death. Ernest Hemingway became a hopeless alcoholic. A few month before his death, he confessed, “I am in a vacuum that is as […]

Be An Andrew

  He was not an eloquent preacher,  he wrote no epistles, performed no miracles, and founded no churches, so far as we know.  He had not the holy audacity of Peter, or the literary skill of Matthew, or the lofty genius of John.  He was never in the foreground or regarded as a leader. We […]

Time In Our Hands

  I want you to meet my friend, Mark Saunders.  He was an alcoholic, whom I ministered with in Bluefield, West Virginia.  He would drink anything that had the content of alcohol in it.  I was with him when they carried him to a sanatorium in Virgina to be dried out. When he came home, we talked […]