Be An Andrew

  He was not an eloquent preacher,  he wrote no epistles, performed no miracles, and founded no churches, so far as we know.  He had not the holy audacity of Peter, or the literary skill of Matthew, or the lofty genius of John.  He was never in the foreground or regarded as a leader. We know him chiefly as the brother of Simon Peter.
  We first become acquainted with Andrew as he listens to the preaching of John, the baptizer.  Upon this day,  John pointed a man out who was passing by and said of him, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”  John 1:29   Andrew’s heart must have leaped for joy as he heard these words.  Andrew had longed to see the one of whom he read in the ancient Word of God.  Could this be the Messiah?   Andrew and another disciple followed Jesus. Jesus turned and confronted them by asking, “What do you want?”  Andrew responded with a question, “Teacher, where are you staying?”  Jesus answered, “Come and you will see.”       John 1:37-39       
  What an invitation.  Jesus is saying, “try me, taste me, make an honest investigation of me.”  Christianity has not been tried and found lacking, it just has not been tried.  This invitation of Jesus, “Come and see”   is offered to every would be follower of Jesus.
  Andrew went home with Jesus and spent the day.  What transpired in the intimacy of that meeting, we can only imagine.  But, out of it came the sure conviction for Andrew that this Jesus was indeed the Messiah, the one sent from God.  Andrew’s whole life is transformed. He has found the Savior.   What will he do with this new found faith?   He must impart it.  He cannot help himself, such truth must be shared.  The record of Andrew’s activity bears this out.

Brought Peter to Jesus. 
  No sooner had Andrew discovered Jesus for himself, he went to find his brother, Peter, to bring him to Jesus.  The Bible states: “The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, “We have found the Messiah: (that is the Christ)”  John 1:41  We may think that this is the most natural thing for Andrew to do. But, experience tells us that many times our family, those closes in the flesh, are the most difficult to reach.  Then too, Peter had always outshone Andrew. it was always Peter this and Peter that.  Here might be the first thing that belonged to Andrew all alone.  Andrew was the first follower of Jesus, yet he is never mentioned first in any list of the twelve.  He lived in the shadow of his ‘big’ brother. But, Andrew was not cynical, sour or selfish. The first thing he does is find his brother and tell him about Jesus.  What excitement, as Andrew tells Peter, “We have found the Christ.”  Then, he took Peter to met Jesus.

Brought a boy to Jesus.
  We meet Andrew again in the Gospels, a few months later.  A crowd had listened to Jesus.  The hour was late, and the people had to return home. For some, it was a long trip. There was no food, nor money to buy food.  So, the Apostles wondered as to what could be done.  Then, Andrew stepped forward and said, “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?”  John 6: 9  Andrew brought the boy and his lunch to Jesus.  Jesus took the lunch and blessed it and multiplied it and fed five thousand.

Brought Greeks to Jesus.
  Once more we see Andrew as he and others of jesus’ disciples were sharing in the Passover Feast in Jerusalem.  Some men of Greek birth, but of the Jewish faith, had come to Jerusalem for the Passover.  They had heard about Jesus. They wanted to meet Him, as they were honest seekers after God.  They went to Philip, but Philip does not know what to do with them.  He knows that Jesus’ ministry has been primarily to the Jews. He would ask Andrew. After Andrew talked to the Greeks, he took them to Jesus.  Anyone who seeks to see Jesus, certainly must be helped to do so.

  So, now he have met Andrew. He appears only three times in the Gospels.  When he appears, he is always doing the same thing, he is bringing someone to Jesus.  

  A legend is told about Jesus returning to Heaven. The angel, Gabriel asked Him about His work on earth, His mission to save the lost.  Jesus told the angel that He had left His soul saving message in the hands of Peter, John, Mary, Andrew and others like them. The angel asked, “What if they fail to spread the soul saving message?  What then?’  Jesus replied, “I have no other plan.”  

  God has seen fit to leave salvation in a message, recorded in the Bible.  His message is to be communicated to others from those who accept it.  It is through the foolishness of preaching the Gospel that men and women are saved. There is no other plan. Andrews are indispensable.   Andrews where are you?  There are people waiting to meet your Jesus.  Speak a good word for Jesus.  Be an Andrew.

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  1. I liked this message because we are the ones taking the message today.
    Remember the article I wrote about laws do not nullify grace. I thank you for the comment you made. I sent it to Christian Standard, but not for publication. I received a letter today saying they would use it as a theme for next year’s publication.
    Congratulaqtions! on your to be marriage.

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