Uniqueness of Christianity

  An article from a Christian periodical related an interesting account about Harry Rimmer. 

  While traveling in Egypt, he had an opportunity to talk with that country’s secretary of state, and in the course of the conversation he brought up the subject of Christianity.  Rimmer told the official that Christians believe God has given us three revelations of Himself.  “We too believe that,” said the official, who was a Muslim.  “We believe God revealed Himself in the works of creation,”  said Rimmer.  “We also believe that,” the other responded.  Rimmer continued, “We believe God has revealed Himself in a book — the Bible.”  The Muslim answered, “We too believe God has revealed Himself in a book — the Koran.”   Rimmer declared, “We believe God has revealed Himself in a man — Jesus Christ.”  “We also believe God has revealed Himself in a man,”  replied the official, “the prophet Mohammed.”  “We believe” added Rimmer, “That Jesus is able to substantiate His claims because he arose from the dead.”  The Muslim hesitated, then his eyes fell.  Finally he replied, “We have no information concerning our prophet after his death.”

  That admission by that Egyptian official underscores the tremendous difference between Jesus Christ and every other religious figure in history.   Jesus alone has risen from the dead. This is what makes Christianity unique.  Therefore, He alone deserves our allegiance, for by His resurrection He has proven beyond question the credibility and truthfulness of His claims.

  CHRIST IS ALIVE. How do you know?  Because He lives in my heart.  That’s subjective evidence, very personal.  But, there is objective truth.  The resurrection is a historical fact based on reliable witnesses.  If I tell you that George Washington was a fictitious character.  You would refute this by bringing up history that there were those who actually saw, knew and wrote about this first president of the United States.  If I told you that President Kennedy was killed in a freak accident by falling off a horse in a polo game.  You would refute this by contending that he was murdered in Dallas, Texas.
There are historical evidences for the resurrection of Jesus.  Such as:  the empty tomb, the rolled away stone, the broken seal, the empty grave clothes, the faith in the heart of weak men, the existence of the Church, and primarily, the resurrection appearances of Jesus.  Jesus appeared alive following His death and burial to many.  Now, these are all matters of historical fact.  What we do with such evidence is a matter of faith.

  We can believe in Christ and claim His wonderful promise; “Because I live, you can live also.”
This means that for the Christian, death is not a door marked exit but a door marked entrance, death is not the end but just the beginning.  For the Christian, Life is on down the road and the best is yet to come.  NO OTHER WORLD RELIGION HAS A RISEN SAVIOR.

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