I am Liberty   “My name is Liberty, and I never die.  I have been chained, beaten, and oppressed; but I always live to rise again.  My home is anywhere men struggle to be free.  Brotherhood is in my voice, endurance in my step, a great part of God in my teaching.  Long ago I […]

A Godly Father

“God had something in mind when He made the first father.  He assigned him a specific role in life and all of a father’s activities are measured against that standard. A little boy needs a father.  He needs a father to teach him how to be a man…to take him by the hand and lead […]

Not Dead Yet

  My obituary appeared in the Jacksonville paper: “Smith-Minister Max E Smith, passed June 3, 2010 Gainesville, GA.”  That is a premature announcement.  Like Mark Twain, when it was said he was dead, he wrote in 1897 this famous quote: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”   Please know that I am very much alive.    […]

“At Calvary”

  Bill Dagle tells this story behind the song, “At Calvary.”   D.L. Moody chose his friend and co-worker, Dr. R.A. Torrey to be the first president of Moody Bible Institute.  In 1905, Dr. Torrey shared a story about a rebellious teenager who eventually became the inspiration for the writing of that grand old hymn, […]

Justification By Faith

  The great Martin Luther translated verse 28 of Romans chapter 3 like this:  “Therefore, we conclude that a man is justified by faith ONLY without the deeds of the law.”  Luther placed the word, “ONLY” in the margin of his Bible.  The word, “ONLY” is not in the Greek text, it is not in […]