Partnership with God

  I am rereading Philip Yancey’s book, “Prayer – Does It Make Any Difference?”  It is thought- provoking reading.  I have to struggle with some of his concepts. But, I find it important, for me, to struggle with understanding prayer.  May I just mention some remarks Yancey writes such as: “The main purpose of prayer is not to […]


     AN AGELESS QUESTION OF MAN HAS TO DO WITH “HOW CAN I HANDLE MY GRIEF? Disappointment, frustrations, loneliness, despair, death, and many other kinds of grief are common to all mankind. If we do not find some way to face our grief and adjust to it, no truly good life will be possible for us.  […]

Taking Us Home

  I read this article on the computer and printed it off.  I do not know who sent it to me or when but I found it to be very meaningful.   I share it with you.   “A minister was returning by plane from a church conference.  The first warning of the approaching problems came […]


  Whether you are a sport’s fan or not, you can appreciate this recent situation.  May I share some of the write up about it by Trevor Thomas in the Gainesville, GA. “The Times” June 21, 2010.   “If you pay attention to the sports world at all, you are well aware of the recent “tragedy” that occurred […]