Read from God’s Word, the Bible, Matthew, the 15th chapter, verses 32 through 38…

Doctor Jay T. Stocking told the story of the loaves and fishes, but with a new interpretation.  He stressed not the miracle of the feeding of the four thousand with a few loaves, but the attitude that takes into account the resources possessed, rather than the difficulties presented.  “Measure your powers, not your problems.”

When the disciples counted the crowd and complained that a few loaves were not enough to feed so many, Jesus asked, “How many loaves do you have?”  He was saying, ‘don’t look at the hillside, look at the baskets, don’t count the crowd, count the loaves.’  Now Christ was not minimizing the task, but rather trying to get the disciples to do what they could.  If they couldn’t feed 4,000, they could take care of a few people with what they had.

How tragically true this is today.  We stand around talking about what we can’t do, seeing the multitude of problems, until we don’t even do what we can do.  God’s eternal law is, if we use what we have, our resources and powers increase.  Don’t worry about your few little loaves.  Invest what you have.

The task of being a Christian, living Christ like is not easy.  God’s service is not for softies.  We are living in critical times.  Living for Christ, against the tides of evil, is daring to live at our best.  He must be our priority.  He will not be our Savior, unless He can also be our Lord.  His truth must possess us completely.  He must rule us by His spirit and His word.  It is all or nothing at all.  We cannot invite Christ into the living room of our lives, while we entertain Satan in the kitchen.

Being a Christian means living and serving God in a dirty world.  It means unpopularity, peril and sacrifice.  It calls for daring men and women who fear God, and because they fear God, have nothing else to fear.  There is no greater task on earth, nor no greater satisfaction for your heart, than to know that you did your best for the Master.   
Measure your powers, that you have with Christ, not your problems.

May this be my prayer:
“Heavenly Father, help me to face life realistically, seeing its problems and evils, but may I see most of all the powers which are available to me to overcome these difficulties.  Help me to dare to live my best for You.  May I find my true happiness in rising about the littleness, pettiness and sins in my life. 
Bless us all this day as we have need.  We pray in Jesus name.  Amen.”

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