The Bible is not a history of man’s effort to find God.  It is an account of God’s effort to reveal Himself to man.   The Bible is the adequate piece of the mind of God.                   

Christ, the Messiah, is the center and heart of the whole Bible.

The Old Testament is an account of a Nation while the New Testament is an account of a Man, Jesus.   The nation was founded and nurtured of God to ultimately bring this man, Jesus the Christ, into the world.   God’s immediate object was to establish, in a world of idolatry, that there is one true living God.

Christ is the key to the interpretation of the Bible.  Jesus did not come to destroy or abolish  the Old Testament but to fulfill it.  Matthew 5:17;  Luke 24: 25-27 &  44-49,  John 5:39-40; Hebrews 10: 5-7

Old Testament views Christ in anticipation while the New Testament views Christ in realization.

Old Testament is the New Testament concealed while the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.

YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE…  “The Bible is our ONLY rule for faith and practice.”

How we approach the Bible greatly influences what we gain from the Bible study.

We should approach the Bible with trust and humility.  God has spoken through the Bible and expects His Word to be understood , trusted and obeyed.

THE AIM OF  BIBLE STUDY IS TO UNDERSTAND THE AUTHOR’S INTENDED MEANING.  We have correctly understood a text when we have understood the thought the author of the text intended to convey to the original readers.  The THEN AND THERE must be understood before you can understand the application for the HERE AND NOW.   To take a text out of context is to make it a pretext.  Nehemiah 8:8

A text cannot mean what it never could have meant to its author or its readers.

Exegesis is to dig out what the writer put in. It is the study to find out what the original text meant.

Good illustration of all this is found in Acts 8: 30-39  There is hearing the Word of God (53rd chapter of Isaiah) understanding of that Scripture and obedience to Jesus.

Faith saves…and how do you get saving faith?  Romans 10:17  Belief in the Word saves.


Examples of making proper application of God’s Word.

God promised Abraham and Sarah a child in their old age, this does not mean GOD intended the same promise for elderly couples today.

The Lord’s promise that the Holy Spirit “will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you” (John 14:26) does not apply to us in the same way it did to the apostles who had been listening to Jesus.

The thief’s conversion on the cross does not apply to us, because the New Covenant had not yet commenced.   Jesus had not as yet died, buried, resurrected, ascended and sent back the Holy Spirit to guide the Apostles in divine truth. Jesus could pardon who ever He desired to, but we do not have Him in person, so salvation is through obedience to His Word.  (Luke 23:32-43)


The theme of the Bible:  SOMEONE IS COMING   (Old Testament)

SOMEONE HAS COME (Gospels of  the New Testament)

SOMEONE IS  COMING  BACK (Letters of the New Testament)


  1. I shared this one on FB. The Bible is our Love Letters from God,
    It is my Favorite Book . I not only enjoy our devotionals each morning ,but I still look forward to receiving these from you!

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