“Years ago, I was the public relations director for motivational guru, Zig Ziglar. At the time, he was arguably the best-known, most loved speaker in the world. When audience members heard Zig, they witnessed a man chockfull of energy, vitality and joy. Having worked closely with him and knowing him well, I can tell you that the Zig you saw on stage was the real Zig Ziglar. In fact, I can’t remember ever seeing him when he was not happy and upbeat.  The Zig I knew was one carbonated guy.  Every time Zig answered his home phone, he picked up the receiver and said with gusto, “This is Jean Ziglar’s happy husband!” And he meant it!

  Awhile back one of Zig’s closest friends and I were discussing Zig’s aura of happiness. “Completely genuine,” his friend said. “I have never seen him down.” Then he added thoughtfully, but with love, “Hardly what you’d call normal.”   “What’s Zig’s secret?” I asked.   “I think,” he said, “it comes down to feeling grateful. Never met a guy more grateful than Zig. Period.”

  You’d think anyone that grateful must have had an easy life. But that’s not so.  Zig started out poor. Dirt poor. His father died when he was six, leaving his mother to raise eleven children alone. The family was virtually penniless. Yet despite their poverty, Mrs. Ziglar instilled a strong work ethic in her children and raised them to believe that both she and God loved them. She also instructed her children to practice saying “please” and “thank you.” Those lessons stuck. Her formula of work, love and faith made their difficult lives easier. Gratitude made their lives enjoyable.

  Zig once told me, “When we neglect to require our children to say ‘thank you’ when someone gives them a gift or does something for them, we raise ungrateful children who are highly unlikely to be content. Without gratitude, happiness is rare. With gratitude, the odds for happiness go up dramatically.”

  Years ago, Zig created the popular phrase, “Have an attitude of gratitude.” According to Zig, “The more you recognize and express gratitude for the things you have, the more things you will have to express gratitude for.”                                     Selected from Simple Truths

 “Count Your Many Blessings…see what God has done.”

4 Responses to “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING by Vicki Hitzges”

  1. What a beautiful message. Dean and I are grateful for wonderful friends like you and Joann.

  2. From All Your Friends and Family at The Lighthouse Baptist Church in Savannah …. we send to you and Joann …our thoughts and prayers for a “Super-Fantastic’ Thanksgiving celebration ….

    This is the Day the Lord Has made Let us Rejoice and be Glad In it !!!!

  3. Thanksgiving is Thanksliving! without it you may becme bitter, discouraged or arrognant. Dan and I are in CA visiting my daughter (his sister). I dislike being away from church at home, but I found the same joy here in the worship of God. My son-in-law preached a great sermon and the musis was great. Piano lessons paid off as I had a daughter playing here and a son playing back in Ft. Wayne. The church had a fall festival of a pot luck after the services. We were invited last night for a homemade pizza at a brother-in-law’s house. Tonight another family has invited us for dinner.

  4. Thank you for this thought, Max. And — what a delightful surprise to see you and meet Joann, who is a delight herself. My spirits were uplifted all day. It was just great sharing time with you. Love and blessings always.

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