“A lark, singing in the high branches of a tree, saw a traveler walking through the forest carrying a mysterious little black box.  The lark flew down on to the traveler’s shoulder and asked: “What do you have in the little black box?”  “Worms,” the traveler replied.  “Are they for sale,?” asked the lark.  The traveler replied, “Yes, and very cheap, too. The price is only one feather.”

  The lark thought a moment.  “I must have a million feathers, most of them quite small.  Surely, I will never miss one of them.  Here is an opportunity to get a good dinner for no work at all.”  So he told the man that he would buy one.
He searched under his wing for a tiny, tiny feather.  He winced a bit as he pulled it out but the size and quality of the worm made him quickly forget the pain.  High up in the tree he began to sing as beautifully as before.  The next day, he saw the same man and once again he exchanged a feather for a worm.  What a wonderful way to get a dinner, and no effort at all. 

  The lark continued to do this day after day.  He lost a feather each day and each loss seemed to hurt less and less.  To begin with, he had a lot of feathers, but as the days passed, he found it more difficult to fly.  Finally, after the loss of one of his primary feathers, he could no longer reach the top of the tree let alone fly into the sky.
Indeed, he could no more than flutter a few feet in the air and was forced to seek his food with the quarrelsome, bickering sparrows.  The man with the worms came no more for there were no feathers to pay for worms.  The lark no longer sang because he was so very ashamed of his fallen state.

  This is how unworthy habits possess us. First, painfully, then more easily, until at last we find ourselves stripped of that that lets us soar and sing.”                                           Selected.

  The devil promises us much but is unable to deliver anything but a life of disappointment.  Temptation is not a sin, yielding to temptation is sin.  Why do we yield?  Because, as the Bible states, “there is pleasure in sin.”  But, what we forget or chose to ignore is that it is,  “only for a season.”  Such sinful pleasure is short lived.  We may chose to live any way we desire, but we need to consider the consequences for such actions. Live for Christ and have abundant and eternal life.

3 Responses to “FEATHERS FOR WORMS”

  1. Thanks Max, you always have the wrong right words for folks and they are always true.God Bless you and Joann. I am glad you had a good trip and sold some books.See you both Wednesday.

  2. “Feathers for Worms”? What a great way to show us how easy it can be to fall into the trap of “just a little won’t hurt” Thank you for these words to remind us depend on the Holy Spirit to lead us and keep us from yielding to temptation. I still get a blessing from your devotionals.
    Love ,Joann C. Smith.

  3. My son took me to TN the week of March 14th for a yearly visit with my two remaining siblings. Upon returning home, the computer wire has been giving me problems, so I’ve missed some of your devotionals which I always enjoy. This one does show how easily sin can become a part of our life. I’ve experienced the devil attacking me in the year of ’08. When I try to tell people about it, they don’t believe it due to it being a super natural experience. “The devil goes about seeking whom he may devour.”

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