The EMPTY TOMB means new life…

  “This is our son, Tim’s, favorite Easter illustration.  It is a true story told by Dr. James Dobson of Doris Miller, a 2nd grade teacher, who taught before the days of special education.  In her class was a boy who was mentally handicapped, by the name of Jeremy.

  One Easter season Ms. Miller gave her students an assignment. To each of her 19 pupils she gave an empty plastic egg.  She told them to take the egg home and bring it back the next week, having placed inside that egg something that would communicate new life.  When the day arrived for the eggs to be returned, each student dropped his into the wicker basket on Ms. Miller’s desk and, after Math, she began to open them.

  The 1st Easter egg contained a flower – “Oh, yes,” she said, “that’s a sign of new life in the spring, when the flowers burst forth-that’s good.”  Little Mary said, “That was mine, Mrs. Miller.”
She opened the 2nd one and inside was a plastic butterfly that looked almost real and she said, “Oh, yes, that’s good.  Because a caterpillar becomes a butterfly.”  And Johnny yelled, “That’s mine.”
She opened the 3rd egg and there was a rock with moss on it, and she thought for a minute and then said, “Oh, yes, that’s good.  Moss growing from a rock that seemed dead. That’s good.”  And little Billy said, “My daddy helped me with that one.” 
And she opened the 4th egg and it was empty, and she concluded it was Jeremy’s and she thought, “I should have called his parents to explain the assignment; he didn’t understand it.”  She quietly set it aside so she wouldn’t embarrass him.  She went on to the next egg, but Jeremy, the little retarded boy, yelled out, “Ms. Miller, aren’t  you going to talk about my egg?”   “Well, Jeremy, it was empty, son,”  Ms. Miller replied.  And after a moment’s hesitation he said, “The tomb was empty too, Ms. Miller.”  She gulped, and there was a long pause and then she said, “Jeremy, do you know why the tomb was empty?”  “Yes,” he replied, “they killed Jesus, and then the Father came and got Him out.”  
Then the recess bell rang and the children went out, but Ms. Miller sat with tear-filled eyes as a new love and appreciation for Jeremy welled up within her. 

  Three months later Jeremy died.  Those who visited the funeral home didn’t quite understand why there were 19 plastic eggs on the casket.  All of them empty.  Jeremy was right.  The EMPTY TOMB means new life.  May this Easter be one that reminds us of our glorious new life in Christ.” 

Thanks, Tim, for that powerful illustration of what Easter is all about.  It is all about the empty tomb.
                                “Because He lives, we can live also.”  

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  1. Max this is one of my favorites Having taught kindergarten for 25 years, I have heard some sweet stories from little children . If only we could all have faith of a child. In Matthew 19:14-15 Jesus said “Let the children come to Me,for the kindom of Heaven belong to such as these “.When He had placed His hands on them He went on from there ! (NIV) What a wonderful day we had to day!
    Love Joann

  2. Max, this is a beautiful story. It is a beautiful example of the resurrection – an empty “egg”. Thank you for these devotionals each week. I really enjoy reading them and they encourage and convict me. I hope you and Joann had a wonderful Ressurection Day!

  3. Max, I dearly love this story, I have seen it several times and I have to read it all the way every time. Thank you for sharing it on this Very Special and Glorious Easter Day we just celebrated. We had an awesome service here in our Church . God Bless

  4. I have a ceramic decorated egg cut into two halves. Each Easter I put it on the mantle with a crystal cross which are gifts to me by my Bible Study Group. The cross is known by most people as a symbol of Christ’e death. Some people say that Christ spilled his blood for us. The idea of spilling is an accident. Christ shed his blood on purpose for our sins. Then the egg shaped ceramic represents the empty tomb. He is risen!
    The resurrection of Christ gave creedence to the Christ as being from God. His ascension took him home! Thanks for the story of the little boy who knew so much about Jesus’ resurrection.

  5. Max,

    Loved this devotion. Too bad everyone can not read this and understand how important it is. We are in Maggie Valley and went to the Baptist Church here and had a wonderful service. Hope you and Joann are doing good. Miss you. Ron

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