“The greatest word is God.  The deepest word is soul.  The longest word is eternity. The swiftest word is time. The nearest word is now. The darkest word is sin. The meanest word is hypocrisy.  The broadest word is truth. The strongest word is right. The tenderest word is love. The sweetest word is home. The dearest word is MOTHER.”   

  Sometime ago I bought a book entitled, “Someone Special” by Marilee Zdenek.  I thought the title referred to Mary, the mother of Jesus but that “Someone Special” turned out to be her Son, Jesus.  Of course, that’s right, He is the One who is special.  Yet, I still dare believe that the mother of Jesus was very special.  What was this young Jewish girl, Mary of Nazareth, really like?  May I refresh your minds with these few Biblical scenes of Mary to show that she indeed was “Someone Special.”

Birth of Jesus.
  The angel Gabriel, sent from God, told Mary, “Greetings, you who are highly favored. The Lord is with you. …Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God.  You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.”  Luke 1: 28-31  
Mary asks the intimate question. “How can this be?” – seeing I have never been intimate with a man.  The angel told her that the conception would be by the Holy Spirit.  With supreme loyalty, Mary submits herself to be used by God.  She said, “I am the Lord’s servant.”  Luke 1:38

In the temple. 
  At the age of 12, Jesus shared with Mary and Joseph the Passover Feast in Jerusalem.   It was on the return trip that Mary and Joseph missed Jesus and returned to Jerusalem.  They found Him in the temple. His mother said to Him, “Son, why have you treated us like this?  Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.”  Luke 2:48  This was the natural reaction of a concerned mother. She cared about Him.

The Cross. 
  What a heartbreak, Mary experienced in the death of her son. Mary, gathered with a small group of women, was there at the foot of His cross.  Mary’s silent endurance, of what she could not change, is a great lesson to all of us.  She watched her son die.

In the Upper Room.
  We finally see Mary gathered with the Apostles and some of Jesus’ disciples in the upper room in Jerusalem. Here she is in the midst of the believers, engaged in prayer, waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

  So it was, that God used the miraculous conception and the natural birth process to bring His Son into the world. Through this special someone, Mary, God came in the flesh in human history.  Mary placed her whole womanhood at the disposal of her Creator and became mother of the very Son of God. 
The specialty of Mary was that she loved Jesus.  Her whole life declared it: “Oh, He’s someone special, someone special, that is so easy to see…He’s someone special, someone special,, that much is certain to me.” 
  Christian mothers, you are very special to God and to your family.  You women set the moral standard of our country.  Your example, your inspiration, is a heavy responsibility.  But, God can use Christian Mothers, as no one else, to influence the men and children to walk with God.

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  1. Thanks Max, I to loved my mother very deeply I think of her almost every day and am so glad that she let God come into her heart shortly before she went it was great to see her baptized. But with people like Joann and outher ladies in the church I don’t miss her as much.Thanks for all you do..

  2. I liked the paragraph about words. I had not ever read that. Since it ended with mother, I want to speak of my mother. After she died, I dreamed a dream where she appeared with bright lights glowing from her body and surrounding her body. In my dream, she was standing at the entrance to my kitchen. I always loved my mother, but I appreciated her more after that incident.She didn’t have oppprtunities to serve God like I have, but all her five children have served and been faithful to God. To me that was a great legacy to her life. Mothers have much influence for Christ.

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