Let me share some information about my earthly father, as we share Father’s Day.  My father, Floyd Smith, was a hard worker.  During the depression, he worked in the fields, following the combine, making a dollar a day.  He worked in the factories the largest part of his life.  He came home dirty and tired.  He provided for his family, as we had need.  Dad was a disciplinarian.  We children could get away with a lot with my mother, but not with my dad.  For instance, bed time for we three sons was a difficult time to settle down. We slept upstairs in our house. We would get to fussing and fighting among ourselves.  We would throw each other out of bed.  Mother always said, it sounded like we were going to come right through the floor.  Mother hearing, would come to the stair door and tell us to quit the fighting and go to sleep.  When we didn’t stop, she would come again to the stair door and yell that we had better stop or  dad would come up there.  Our commotion continued and the next time the stair door opened, it was our dad and all that he said was, “Boys, you heard your mother, now go to sleep or I will come up there.”    You would have thought that we would have learned.  But,no, right back to fighting we would go.  The final time that the stair door opened, nothing was said, only we heard the steps of our father coming up to our bed room. He never said a word.  He just threw back our covers, took out his belt and spanked us on our bottom. He didn’t know much about Hallmark, but he cared enough to give us his very best.

  I want you to know that in spite of the discipline, or because of it, I believed that my father loved me.  He disciplined me because it was just, right.  I deserved it, as consequences for my actions.   

  May I turn from my earthly father to my Heavenly Father.  There are two things that we must believe concerning God: One, we must believe that our Father would want to be known by his children. He would find no satisfaction in remaining a mystery or a stranger to His creation.   Secondly, we must believe that our heavenly father wants to have children, to have a family. He wants to love and be loved. Ever since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, God has been preparing a home for His prepared family.  He has sent His Son, to reconcile us unto Himself.  Jesus is the means to bring us into harmony with God.  God takes upon Himself the shame and guilt of sinful man and bears it on Calvary in front of the whole world. The Father offers forgiveness through Jesus.

  The forgiveness of our Father is dependent upon our proper response to His love.  We are saved by grace through faith.  A faith that saves is a faith that works, obeys.  Our obedience to what God has asked in His Word, the Bible, is an expression of our faith.  There is no faith without obedience from the heart to the teachings of God.  He calls us to Himself through hearing and believing His Word.  He disciplines His children by His Spirit through His Word.  God disciplines those He loves.

  Just as I believed that my earthly father was just (right) in disciplining me, yet he loved me, so I believe the same about my Heavenly Father. 
He loves us and desires love in return.  Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”   If we fail to love Him, we must suffer the consequences of disobedience.  You can’t have it both ways.  Love Him who loved you so.

3 Responses to “MY FATHER”

  1. Max, I learned a fact in Chile from the Comunidad Cristiana that makes sense of the whole Bible.
    “The eternal purpose of God, is to have a family, of many children, made in the image of His Son.”

    I thought this fits nicely into your devotional for this week. Thanks for sharing your lifetime of insights with us.

    Your Jackson Youth Minister,
    R. Mark Huntley

  2. As Max has done, many people who have good fathers can then think of God in the same way. My father only disciplined me twice with a switch, so my mother was the displinarian. Yet as children we loved and respected them. We did not want to bring any shame to them by doing something unworthy of their love. So it is with our heavenly Father, we do not want to bring disgrace upon HIS HOLY NAME by our actions. We love HIM who first loved us. We obey His precepts and commands found in HIS HOLY WORD. If all of mankind would do the same, what a wonderful world it would be.

  3. Max,
    I want to thank you for being my father in the faith. I have felt that and I have told many others for years. Now I want to tell you!
    I love you in Jesus Christ.

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