Did you ever save bent nails?  I remember saving bent nails, thinking that the day will come when I will straighten them and use them.  Probably in our day of prosperity, there are not many of us saving bent nails. In our mass production nails can be turned out so cheaply that if one bends when using, we just discard and get a new one.  In days of plenty, values are difficult to maintain. 
Thinking of bent nails, two questions need to be asked; how do nails get bent and how can the nails be straightened?

  How do nails get bent?
One way is by using a nail that is not the right size for the job.
Another way, is trying to drive a nail into a place where it does not belong.
A third way, is that a nail is bent because it is not struck properly.
  How do nail get straightened?
To straighten a bent nail, you lay it on a hard surface, hold it firmly and pound it gently.

  People are like bent nails. 
We become bent out of shape because we can’t keep pace with the complexities of our world.  Too many demands, always the over-load, puts a terrible strain on us.
Also, when we are put into situations where we do not belong, we become bent.  Our hunger ego pushes us into situations where we are not happy.  Finding our niche in life, sometimes, is no easy matter. 
We become bent because the blows of life are just too difficult.  All of us have had enough problems, so we know that life can really upset and hurt us.

  But, there is GOOD NEWS.  There is a note of encouragement, mankind can take hope, in that faults can be rectified, mistakes forgiven, errors erased; people straightened.  Every person ought to have the opportunity to get unbent.
How is this done?  I believe, if you take a person who has been bent and lay that person along the teachings of Jesus and then just quietly, sweetly drive home God’s truth, the person will straighten out again.  The Gospel of Christ is the power of God to straighten people out.
This is what makes the gospel story so thrilling and meaningful to us for the pages of the Bible are filled with bent lives straightened by the power of Jesus.    
Matthew was a bent nail.  He was a Jew who  had hired out to the Romans to collect taxes from his own people.  James and John were bent nails. They shared in the selfish request of the best seats beside of Jesus in His kingdom.   Peter was a bent nail.  He was headstrong, hard to handle, impossible to reason with.  Jesus had to straighten Peter out repeatedly. 

 The primary principal in Christianity which changed the world, and can change us, is forgiveness, second chance, newness of life, salvation.  This precious message must be pounded gently into the hearts and minds of all people.  Each of us need to allow the message of God’s love, forgiveness and worth whileness sink into our minds and hearts and straighten us out.  All of us get bent out of shape at times, still no one needs to stay bent.  The straightening power of the Gospel is available to all.

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  1. Max, I’ve staightened a few bent nails, literally. Also, through the Gospel, I have put forth its message to staighten out lives. As you mentioned forgiveness, many Christians have an unforgiving heart.Yet, Christ has died for them that they might be forgiven of sins committed, so why not forgive those who have sinned against you? I knew a couple who had so much hate for others that I wondered how they could love each other.Jesus gave us a new commandment that “we love one another as I have loved you”. Love and forgiveness can staighten out many bent lives.

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