What a cry of despair coming from the lips of one of Elisha’s students in the School of the Prophets.  This student went up on the wall of the city of Dothan to look about.  What he saw terrified him.  Wherever he looked, he saw the  enemy. The Syrian army was encamped ready to capture his master, Elisha.  Perhaps, the rising sun reflected from the chariots, the shields, and the helmets of the soldiers.  He could hear the rumbling of chariots, the neighing of the war horses, and the shouting of the officers.  In great alarm, he ran down from the wall to the house of Elisha and told him what he had seen and asked, “Oh, my Lord, what shall we do?”  2 Kings 6:15 

  We know how he felt.  Does not our look at our changing world draw forth the same cry of despair and desperation.  I would try to be honest with you in saying, I think it becomes increasingly difficult to live strong spiritual lives. Whether we wish to admit it or not, our culture, the kind of a world in which we live, has a tendency to undermine us and to brain wash us.  It is our cry too, “O my Lord, what shall we do?”

  Look at Elisha’s answer to this young student, “Don’t be afraid, those who are with us are more than those who are with them?”  The young man must have looked at Elisha with astonishment.  What is he talking about, just two of us against the whole Syrian army.  Then, Elisha prayed, “O Lord, open his eyes so he may see.”  2 Kings 6: 16-17    Then, the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.  God struck the Syrian army with blindness.  Elisha led them in helplessness to Samaria where their eyes were opened.  They were dismissed and sent home in defeat and humiliation.

  Our prayer must be, “Lord, open my eyes that I may see God’s love and power.”  That love and power of God as demonstrated conclusively and climatically in His Son, Jesus Christ. 
This will demand commitment to Jesus. 
Commitment will mean that we are sensitive to His presence.  We must live consciously, aware, that we live in the presence of the Lord. Can we accept the truth that we live life to Christ?
Commitment will mean that we are responsive to His will.  The will of God can be known to us as we know His mind through His Son and the Holy Spirit guided Apostles, recorded in his holy book, the Bible.  God has given us a sufficient piece of His mind and placed it for us in the Bible.  We need to study and rightly divide the Word of God.
Commitment will mean that we are dedicated to His purpose. The purpose of God is to make known His love for all mankind and through that love draw humanity unto Himself. The uplifted Jesus upon the cross is the demonstration of the love of God.  We are in the loving business.  Even as God has loved us so we are to love one another. 

  On the back of a truck, I saw this sign, “I AM A JESUS MAN”   That is it, if I am truly committed to Jesus, that is exactly what I am a Jesus person.  We are the means that God has of conveying Himself to the world.

2 Responses to “WHAT SHALL WE DO?”

  1. Dear Max,

    Thank you so much for the reminder. This is my prayer: That others will be able to see Jesue in me !
    Love and Prayers, Joann

  2. Max, it is increasingly hard to live in today’s world. Christian beliefs are becoming persecuted and we must become more and more sensitive to the Spirit’s leading. I pray that we will not be deceived. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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