Soren Kierkegaard, the great Danish theologian of another century, tells the story of a prince who was running an errand for his father one day in the local village. As he did so, he passed through a very poor section of the town. Looking through the window of his carriage, he saw a beautiful young peasant girl walking along the street. He could not get her off his heart. He continued to come to the town, day after day, just to see her and to feel as though he was near her.

  His heart yearned for her, but there was a problem. How could he develop a relationship with her? He could order her to marry him. It was in his power to do so. But he wanted this girl to love him from the heart, willingly. He could put on his royal garments and impress her with his regal entourage, and drive up to her front door with soldiers and a carriage drawn by six horses. But if he did this he would never be certain that the girl loved him or was simply overwhelmed with his power, position and wealth.

  The prince came up with another solution. As you may have guessed, he gave up his kingly robe and symbols of power and privilege. He moved into the village dressed only as a peasant. He lived among the people, shared their interests and concerns, and talked their language. In time, the young peasant girl grew to know him, and then to love him.
  This is what Jesus has done for you. The Word became flesh. The King put aside His heavenly robes and divine prerogatives. He came to us as one of us.

  John in his gospel, the first chapter, verse 14 states: “The word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.  We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” 



  It is called the “Incarnation”,  God in flesh.    

 I like the way someone has put it: “He became like us so we could become like Him.”  We must become the Incarnation, Christ in us.

                How are you doing in becoming like Him? 



























2 Responses to “HE BECAME LIKE US”

  1. Dear Max, How beautiful. This one is one of my favorites ! Thank you for for helping me each day to become more like Jesus in the way you live around me and others. You are my inspiration and love .Thank you for continuing to serve Jesus each day by teaching and sending out these devotionals.

  2. How wonderful for God to send Christ so we could know God the Father. Yes, He became like us so we could become like Him which in turn makes us more like God. Of course we can never be as great as God , but it can be our goal. “Be ye holy for I am holy.” He is full of mercy and grace and we can become the same through a relationship with Him. When you pray, try thinking of God as Stephen did before he died and saw heaven open; he saw the glory of God and the Son standing beside God. (You can’t see God for all the glory surrounding Him.) His WORD and prayer can bring you to be like HIM.

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