“They build up under the surface of the water, becoming larger and larger as the moments tick away.  They they crest, roll over, make a very loud noise, bubble and foam, they finally dissipate.  This is the pattern of the wave.  Waves at the beach are never ending. One is gone, and the next rolls in, one after another.  Some are larger and louder than others, but they keep rolling into shore.   

  I believe life’s problems are like that.  They build up, peak, and dissipate. They may be large, small, or in-between, but they keep on coming. They may crash your life with a resounding bang or make a more soft and subtle noise, but they keep on coming.  They may deal with emotions, health, finances, family relationships, or a variety of other difficulties one must face in a lifetime, but they keep on coming.

  As long as we live in this world, we will face one dilemma after another, be it large or small.  The unending load gets heavy after a while, and the waves of life can beat away at a person the same as ocean waves pound at the shoreline.  Jesus has told us to come to Him with our burdens and He will give us rest.  He said to cast our cares upon Him, for He cares for us.  He said He would send the Holy Spirit to be our comforter and guide; to give us wisdom and the strength to survive the battering waves of life.  He promises this in the Bible to to all who will reach out to Him and believe in Him.

  If the constant waves of life are beating you down, depleting life’s energy out of you, like the grains of sand that are pulled back into the ocean with each wave, call upon Jesus.  He will answer the call – you can count on Him.”
                                                                              Author Unknown

It has been said, “Calm seas never made a good sailor.”

Read Matthew 7: 24-27…Jesus told of the storms which come upon every person, just or unjust. Whether or not, we weather the storms depends upon the foundation. Only those who build their lives on the teachings of Jesus, putting His words into practice, will be able to overcome the storms of life.

6 Responses to “WAVES”

  1. Thank you so much for the reminder.That Jesus is our source of help in all times, good and bad. It’s like the song I learned : “I’m Learnning to Lean On Jesus” I will sing it for you —later .
    Love your wife, Joann

  2. Max–remember that great hymn

    Master, The Tempest Is Raging,
    The billows are tossing high.”

    How today’s worshippers are missing the teaching that is
    found in the great hymns.

    The wind and the waves shall obey Thy will,
    Peace be still.

  3. This reminds me of the song “Praise You in This Storm” by Casting Crowns. Without the storms, we would never have reason to have faith. And as we talked about in Sunday school this morning, the storms of life are our “testing ground” for heaven. Will we hold firm to our faith or give up when a time of testing comes? Thank you for this wonderful devotional.

  4. Thanks Max,

    As I face a breast biopsy, I will cast my fears on Him and remain faithful.

    I had great mentors in our Senior Ministry at
    CCM in Jacksonville, FL.

  5. Max This is great- it brings to mind the song “Standing On The Promises Of Jesus
    you always seem to hit the nail.

  6. As a person steps out into the ocean, the waves can take your breath away. So it is with the waves of life. They can take your breath away whether it is for the good or the bad. If the wave is bad then we need Christ to get us through. If it is good then we can praise the Christ who deserves our praise. “Praise God in his Temple; praise him in his mighty heaven. Praise him for his greatness. Praise him with trumpet blasts; praise him with harps and lyres. . . . Let everything that breathes praise the Lord.” Ps. 150.

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