The thought of the possibility of being a Pharisee is really disturbing.  The Pharisees were a politico-religious sect during the days of Jesus.  These were those laymen who separated themselves from the heathen.  Pharisaism became practically synonymous with Judaism. They devoted themselves to special study and strict observances of the Law of Moses.  Their works were performed to be seen and praised by men.  Jesus denounced them in the bitterest language.  He called them in such terms as:  “hypocrites, frauds, blind guides, brood of serpents, fools, washed tombs.” The Pharisees had no personal relationship with God. Their worship was merely formal religious observance.  They proudly quoted Scripture and strutted their own righteousness. 
Now, let me ask you the question again, “AM I A PHARISEE?”  Here is a simple summary posed by “Christ Life Ministries.”

  “You might be a Pharisee if…
Your memory is excellent when it comes to remembering your good works and other’s faults.
You routinely dismiss anyone who would dare to point out a ‘blind spot.’ 
You verbally challenge the people who disagree with you.
You rarely say, “I am wrong” or “I’m sorry.”
You find it difficult to fellowship with those different from yourself.
You build up yourself and your group by tearing others down.
You despise people who do not hold your convictions.
You excuse your arrogant behavior because you hold to “the correct position.”
You call your uncanny ability to catalog the faults of others “discernment.”
Your sense of self-importance blinds you to the fact of how repulsive you are to others.”
You feel the trail of broken relationships in your past is due to some fault in the other parties.
You visually and intellectually comply in order to gain acceptance and approval.
You are so caught up in your own circle that you will do anything to maintain your reputation.
You are dominated by the fear of men.
You are insulted by the notion you may be a Pharisee.”

  May we learn from Jesus, that true religion consists not in forms, outward observances but in an inward Spirit.  “If we have not the Spirit of Jesus, we are none of His.”  Jesus taught and modeled humility.
Perhaps you are reading this, looking for some kind of offense, looking for a rock to throw.  Your white robe might just be hiding a dirty heart.  Come clean from your Pharisaical attitude.

  I must ask myself, and it hurts, “AM I A PHARISEE?”

2 Responses to “AM I A PHARISEE?”

  1. Thank you Max for this one . I pray that I am not a pharisee! I sure do not want to be. these points need to be thought of often so we will not let any of these be in our heart. Staying in the Word and praying for the Holy Spirit to guide us will sure help. Thank you too for the Lessons you taught today ! I have grown so much in my walk with Christ in these past 2 years !
    Love and Prayers, your # 1 Fan , Joann

  2. Ilooked today before I left for Bible Study to see what the topic was for this week. The days kept going by and I would think that I needed to get this done. I would sit down to the computer and end up reading emails. So after reading the title, I wondered if I were like a Pharisee. It is good to take inventory of our lives to see if we trully are walking in the footsteps of the Savior. A good prayer to be used daily is found in Psalms 51:”Create in me a clean heart, O God and renew a right Spirit within me.” As humans we need God’s help every moment of our awakening day.

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