The Bible does not teach life after death, instead it teaches life instead of death. We see in Christ’s death, the death of death. Life in Christ is deathless. Death from man’s understanding seems to be failure and defeat but in God’s sight, for those in Christ, it is victory and gain.  The tomb is […]


  ” Then Jesus said unto His disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.”   Matthew 16:24   Self denial is what it cost to carry the cross of Jesus.   Somewhere along the way between Pilate’s court and the hill of crucifixion, Jesus stumbled […]


  Cheri Cowell writes a daily devotional which I appreciate.  I have met Cheri a couple of times in our ‘writing classes.’  Her last devotional was about Thomas. I want to share, much of what she wrote, with you.    “Some of you may remember the old TV show “To Tell The Truth” in which three […]


  “This is the greatest day since the creation of the world,” so said an exuberant, excited person a number of years ago.  Do you remember who said that and on what occasion?  It was on July 20, 1969 and it was said by President Richard Nixon.  The event was the return of the astronauts from their […]


  The Gospel of Mark, in the New Testament, chapters 11 through chapter 16 covers the last 8 days of Jesus’ earthly life.  It should be helpful for us to follow in the foot steps of Jesus those final days, called the PASSION WEEK. Sunday – The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, called Palm Sunday.  Jesus […]