Once a man walked down the streets of New York and saw the signs of great financial interests and investments.  “Here,” he said, “is the secret of America’s greatness.”  Then, he went to a simple country home in Ohio. He heard the dinner bell ring and saw the farm hands as they came in and drew water and washed their hands. Then, he saw them sit down.  The father took the Bible and read a passage and all bowed their heads while he thanked God for the many blessings of the land and the home.  Then, that man knew the truth.  “Here,” he said, “is the real secret of the greatness of America.”  And, he was right. 

  America’s greatness is not in her financial empires.  Not in her vast resources, though her land is rich in mineral wealth.  Not in her standing army or fleets that sail the high seas.  Not in the power of the atomic energy, nor in the beauty of her landscapes. Her greatness lies in her Godly and reverent Christian homes. The homes mold the criminals or the Christians, the law breakers or the Christian leaders, the gunmen and gangsters or the missionaries and ministers.  The secret is in the home. It is true, “AS GOES THE HOME SO GOES THE WORLD.”

  Christian homes are our only hope. We must have homes that instill character and point children down the straight and narrow path.  Parents who put honesty before profit and principle before promotion. Parents who have a passion for the things of God and put love of truth above love of popularity. Fathers and mothers who believe in and contend for “the faith once delivered to the Saints,” as recorded in the Bible.  Parents who not only teach their household to love God with all of their being, but they seek to exemplify it in their living. As parents, we can talk all we want to about loving God and putting His Kingdom first, but if we do not back it up with example, it is worse than wasted breath.  The inconsistency in our lives refute what we say.  How can we substitute pleasure, the earning of money, and other selfish interest for fellowshiping and serving with God’s people in His Church, and expect the children to put the Kingdom of God first?  Our neglect in reading God’s Word, praying, participating in the work of the Church and sharing Jesus with others says to all who see, those things are not priority, they are not of of utmost importance.  Social and school functions are not to supersede the Church, unless you want them to believe that the things of God are secondary.

  Let us not deceive ourselves, without Christianity, without Christian education, without the principles of Christ taught in our homes, we are simply raising pagans. Physically, they will be perfect, intellectually, they will be brilliant, but spiritually, they will be heathens. The home is the place where children learn what is good, what is kind and what is important in life. The important thing is not what kind of a house people live in, but what kind of people live in the house.    

We have a responsibility to God, to our children, to ourselves to provide our children with the kind of home that has sufficient love and guidance with consistent and meaningful discipline and adequate knowledge of the Word of God. 

3 Responses to “AS GOES THE HOME”

  1. Hi Max,

    Really enjoyed this devotional. What a Blessing.
    With your permission I would like to include this in
    one of our weekly Church Bulletins ….

    Hope you and Joann have the opportunity to visit
    with us here at The Lighthouse soon.

    God Bless

  2. Dear Max , Each devotional you send out really blesses my heart and I know so many others are blessed. These are certainly words of wisdom . I think all young parents should read this. The home is so important. I am sure you have read: “The hand that rocks the cradle,rules the world” , and that is the truth. There are so many children now days that are raising themselves,parents see no need even talke their children to church,or let alone go themselves. .Do they relize that they will answer for this before God one day. ?
    Thankk you again for all the study and work you do in sending out such encouraging words.
    Love and Prayers, Joann

  3. Thanks for the words of truth. Our homes are the most important thing in society and yet parents have more and more given up their God-given responsibilities to parent their children and handed it over to government, schools, etc. And look where it has gotten us. A society that has turned their backs on God. I pray that America will turn around before it is too late. You and Joann have a great week!

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