Upon this Mother’s Day, we do well to honor Christian Mothers. 

  There are those who are contending that Christianity is on the decline and it no longer functions meaningfully in our culture.  If true, what are we Christians going to do about it?  We who are suppose to be light and salt to a world of darkness and evil?  Our effectiveness is due to God’s presence in our lives and the extent to which we surrender, on a daily basis, to His Lordship.  I believe that the answer lies in our homes.  If our homes, families, are not strong in the faith, everything else will be weakened.  As goes the home, so goes everything else.

  Mothers, it may will depend most upon you, you pointing the family to the way of the Lord. We husbands and fathers have not been as consecrated to the Lord in leading the family to God as we ought to be.  Parents, teach your children the Bible, share with them in prayer, point them to Jesus, bring them to church, involve the family in the work of the Lord.  None of this is possible, if you do not set the example, lead the way.

  The question is asked in the 31st chapter of the book of Proverbs, “Who can find a virtuous woman?”  May we share together what God’s Word says about a virtuous woman.  
The chief concern of woman, who becomes wife and mother, is to her husband and family. The key note of her life is faithfulness. 
She is energetic.  She tends to the needs of her household.  She does not eat the bread of idleness. 
She is compassionate.  Her concern for her family makes her mindful of others. She is known for her kindness.
The crowning virtue of the ideal mother, and that particular virtue that sets her apart from all others is, SHE FEARS THE LORD.  She knows that “pretty is what pretty does.” Her deepest concern is not the physical but the spiritual. Bodily beauty is vain and deceitful.  Her beauty is beauty of the soul, that never fades or leads astray. 

The result of this woman, wife and mother, is her influence upon her family. Her children and husband praise her.  Name, if you can; a higher, stronger, more uplifting and more abiding influence than that of a GODLY MOTHER. 

Christian mothers, we honor you this day and thank God for you.  Someone said, “It is the hand that rocks the cradle, that rules the world.”  May your influence increase.

2 Responses to “A CHRISTIAN MOTHER”

  1. Dear Max, Thank you so much for these words on Mother’s Day. I had two great examples of the kind of mother I should strive to be. My mother taught me the importance of prayer, Then Mama Smiley was certainly an example of a Christian Mother. I was told that if God was first in my life,then my husband,then our children then everthing else would fall in place. May God bless you as you study and send out these devotionals each week ! I still look forward to “receiving” each one !
    Love and Prayers,, Joann

  2. Max, wonderful reminder of what a virtuous woman (and mother) should look like. I wish I could go back and do so many things so differently in raising my children. I failed in so many areas – but thank God, He can redeem our mistakes and shortcomings. I thank God that I have two wonderful children and I enjoy them so much. They are now both my (adult) children and friends. I wouldn’t take anything in the world for the opportunity to have been their mother. God has blessed me beyond measure (not to mention being a grandmother). Thank you for your encouraging words and your faithfulness to proclaim the truth.

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