I have a good friend in Louisville, Kentucky by the name of Chuck Schumann. We served together when I ministered with the South Louisville Christian Church. He was an excellent teacher of one of our Sunday School adult classes.  Many years later, we served together at Damascus Road Christian Church in Louisville, when I ministered there while teaching at Louisville Bible College.  Chuck has always been a great student of the Bible.  We talk by phone almost every day, sometimes more than once.  He hungers for Christian conversation.  We enjoy studying together God’s Word. We recently began discussing the upcoming day of May 27, which is PENTECOST SUNDAY.  The church used to make a big emphasis of that day, but it seems to have been lost or badly neglected today.  Out of our talk about Pentecost, Chuck sent me this essay on the subject, some of that I wish to share with you.

“Time is one thing that can be the catalyst for memories.  Pearl Harbor occurred on Sunday, December 7, 1941.  When night came, the attack was over and the world was changed forever.  John Kennedy was assassinated on November 23, 1963. That evil deed changed our world.  The twin towers of New York were attacked in the morning of September 11, 2000.  The impact of that deed is still causing changes in the world we know.  Such impact of these deeds will be long remembered by us. 

In the religious world, there are several days that have changed the world forever. 
Although these events happened many years ago, they are remembered as the events are celebrated even today.  The coming of the Messiah, (Christmas).  The establishment of the Lord’s Supper, (Maundy Thursday). The murder of Jesus, Crucifixion, (Good Friday).  The resurrection of Jesus, (Easter).  All of these are world changing events.

However, there is one day that has caused more impact and change on every living soul on this planet than all the other days.  Without it, God’s plan of salvation would not be available to us.  We would only be able to mourn the death of the Son of God and rejoice in God’s marvelous resurrection of His beloved Son.  If that was the end of God’s story, we would be sinners in a sinful world without the access to God’s forgiving grace. If this day, PENTECOST, had not occurred, the Apostles would not have been able to answer the question, “What must I do to be saved?” “

  Jesus told the Apostles that it was necessary for Him to leave them, so that He could send back the Holy Spirit to guide and direct them.  Jesus told them to wait in the City of Jerusalem until they be given this power from on high.  This they did and on the DAY OF PENTECOST, the Holy Spirit came upon them.  He guided them to preach and teach the way of salvation provided through Jesus.  

  The God given answer to the essential question, “What Must I Do To Be Saved?” was answered by the Apostle Peter in stating, “Repent and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”  Acts 2:38  

  Let us remember, what God did on Pentecost, and be obedient from the heart to God’s way for our salvation.


  1. Oh max what a beautiful reminder. I always read the account in Acts,but never realized the impact it should have on us today.True ,I know the Holy Spirit guided the Apostles in that day,but He can do the same today. I am so thankful Jesus did not leave us “alone” He becomes more real to me each day !
    Thank you to for being my Pray and Bible companion everyday. .May God continue to bless you with words to send out each week to so many .
    Love and Prayers, Joann

  2. What a thrill it would be if every preacher who reads this devotional would preach a sermon on the CHURCH this Sunday, the 27th–even change what they planned to preach.
    We need to hear more doctrinal sermons. Thanks for your devotional this week. Will be at JBC (JU) the 2nd and 3rd weeks of Sr. Saints.

  3. Max, in all the years I have read about the day of Pentecost, I don’t think I realized just how important . We always think about the excitement of the events that took place, the souls saved but these events happened because the Apostles waited for 10 days in Jerusalem like Jesus told them to do, the Holy Spirit came & empowered them, Peter preached & 3 thousand converts were won- truly the Birthday of the Church! Jesus sent the Holy Spirit & He promised to be with us always! I enjoy all your Weekly Devotionals. God bless you, love, Peggy

  4. MAx …. Great thoughts …. I actually took the week after Easter to proclaim ‘The Birth OF The Church” with a two-series sermon about the Day of Pentecost … the first week was on the waiting and the crowds that had gathered … the second week was the outpouring of the spirit …..We need more Power driven Holy Spirit drenched men of God ready to draw a line in the sand ..and proclaim ‘As for me and my House (and our church) … We will serve The Lord !!!

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