“A FATHER’S MOMENT” By Chuck Schumann

“Time was getting late and darkness had started to fall

And we were still involved in slaying dragons tall

And then his Mother said, “It’s time to come in.”

I took his hand in mine and said we’d play again

We went into the house; he got ready for bed.

He asked me to stay, until his prayers were said.

I tucked him in and kissed him, then heard him whisper low,

“…And please take care of Daddy, he is my pal you know!”


Like a little child, He believes in fairy tales.

Shining nights and dragons, And that Daddy never fails.


I lay here awake, ’cause sleep won’t come tonight.

I think of what he said, and wish that he was right.

I know I’m only human and humans make mistakes.

I promise to do my best, son, no matter what it takes.

But there will be times,  no matter what I say,

When I will be too busy or too tired to share your day.

And times that I’ll be grouchy, when things aren’t going right.

I wonder what you’ll say when you go to bed that night.


Like a little child, He believes in fairy tales.

Shining knights and dragons, And that Daddy never fails.


It won’t be long before his doubts begin.

And shining knights and dragons we’ll never see again.

Some day he’ll be a Daddy and face these problems too.

And maybe then he’ll know how much I loved him too.

And maybe then he’ll remember the night that Daddy cried;

Not tears of hurt or sorrow, but tears of joy and pride,

The night I heard him whisper, in a voice so low,

“…And please take care of Daddy, he is my pal you know!”

Chuck Schumann is a dear friend and, as you can tell, writes beautiful poetry. Dads have such an awesome responsibility to teach and set the Christian example for sons and daughters. 
The Proverb writer stated: “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  22:6

May God bless you Christian dads, as you point your family to our Heavenly Father through Jesus.








3 Responses to ““A FATHER’S MOMENT” By Chuck Schumann”

  1. Max , thank you for sharing your friends beautiful poem. I am so thankful for the Christian dad I had, but more than anything,I am so thankful for my heavenly Father, My prayer is that the young dads in our family will set good examples for their children and point them to The Heavenly Father. Thank you for being the example you are not only to your sons, but to mine also. I feel that we have combined our familys into one, and then we are all apart of “God’s Family”
    Love and Prayers, Joann

  2. This is a beautiful poem. I wonder if a lot of fathers realize that everthing they do impacts their children – for good or bad. What an awesome responsibility. I know that we all fail more times than we like to think, but I hope that we will learn from our mistakes, confess and repent and receive the forgiveness that God so graciously bestows. I know that I don’t deserve it, but what a wonderful Father He is! It was wonderful seeing you and Joann yesterday. You wear me out just hearing about everything that you all do. How awesome that you both stay so active and involved. God bless you this week.

  3. Love this poem, thanks for sharing!!! So true!

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