I read this article “Fire On The Mountain” in Red Letter Believers blog recently and thought, this would make a good devotional.
  We all are very aware of the terrible destruction that the fires in Colorado have caused. Some statistics that I found are: at least 34,600 residents have been evacuated from their homes, 346 homes destroyed, and amazing that only one person killed.  Just think of the many people who are living in the path of this dreadful fire.  What do they think and how do they feel? 

  Then, I think of Robert and Sara Fischer, who’s house in Thompson Station, Tennessee burned, totally destroyed, in June of 2012.  Very little was saved but no one was hurt.  Sara said, “they have been so completely touched by the love and support we have received from our family, friends, church family and our community.  There have been many blessings from the tragedy.”    Sara was a member of the Westside Christian Church in Bradenton, Florida when I preached there.  So sad to have lost so much. 

  I can only imagine what it feels like in the midst of such helplessness.  I wonder what would I do if I were told to evacuate?  What would I take in my hurried departure?   What would I leave behind?  I love my books, which of these would I want to keep?  Pictures of loved ones which are treasured.  Furniture, televisions and computers, (things) but meaningful. Difficult decisions…

  What do I care about?  We have all accumulated many things, which really do not matter in the end. Now do they?  We came into this world with nothing of this world’s goods and we will leave in the same way.  You will never see a u-haul behind a hearse.  One little old lady was told she couldn’t take her things with her when she died, so she said, “then I won’t go.”  All of us will come to that place when we will die and we will leave all behind.  We have become so attached to ‘stuff.’  The Bible teaches, “What does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and lose his soul.”  What a poor bargain to exchange soul for things.    

  Where do we go when faced with the fire, the hurricane, the consuming flood, the twister, death, or some other tragedy that comes our way?  I thought of that old song, “WHERE COULD I GO?”

“Living below in this old sinful world, hardly a comfort can afford,
Striving alone to face temptations call, where could I go but to the Lord.

Neighbors are fun I love them everyone, we get along in sweet accord.
But when I pass the chilling hand of death, where could I go but to the Lord.

Life here is grand with friends I love so well. Comfort I get from God’s own Word. 
But when my soul needs manna from above, where could I go but to the Lord.

Where could I go, where could I go, seeking a refuge for my soul.
Needing a friend to help me in the end, where could I go but to the Lord.”   

  No matter what happens in this old world, we can turn to the Lord for He is always there to help in time of need. And there, I am no longer helpless.

4 Responses to “WHERE COULD I GO?”

  1. Dear Max, Another inspiring devotional. And after the message and music we shared in worahip this morning.
    It was good to have David and Peggy Breamer in the worship service this morning. What strong Christians . He said that “The Breame’s would have a family Reunion in Heaven and he hoped to see us all there”
    God is so good,no matter what this world is going through,those of us that have Jesus Christ as out Savior have nothing to fear. But while we are here we all need to do what we can to be “Light and Salt” of the world As the children sing, ” This little Light of Mine,I’M go’na let it Shine”. May God continue to use you as you share these devotionals each week with so many.
    Praying for you, Joann

  2. Dear Max:

    I love the way you often use words of the old gospel songs and hymns. Recall, my dear mom loved music, loved to sing and loved to play. Your words remind me of her and the many years she lived for the Lord. Thanks so much for your weekly devotionals…….

  3. Max, I also love the way you use songs and hymns in your devotionals. I love the song that you quoted above. I also enjoyed David Beamer’s song this morning “No More Night”. I thought that it was so powerful after that wonderful message. I really love reading your devotionals. Sometimes they are so very inspiring, sometimes convicting, always so good. Thank you for taking the time every Sunday afternoon to do this. You bless so many people.

  4. Where could I go but to the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!! Here in our area, we had a storm that doesn’t compare with the Colorado fires, or the Tsumani.People are without electrical power and mostly green trees were broken off at ground level, or branches were broken off. Businesses were closed and church services were canceled. We have power and so did the church building. Members from other churches came to worship our great GOD. Each time a storm or tornado comes, I say to GOD that if HE takes the house to take me with it. I’m too old to start over, but I feel for those who do have to start over. There is no better place to go but to the Lord. When people die in these calamities, I wonder how many know the Lord GOD. I also hope that people will turn to GOD after the experience if they haven’t known HIM.

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