Ken Davis has a blog which I enjoy reading.  He has published a book, due out in July, entitled; “Fully Alive.”  In his book he writes about William Whiting Borden.

  This remarkable young man was the grandson of Gail Borden, the millionaire businessman and inventor of evaporated milk.  William grew up in a world of wealth and exclusive privilege at the turn of the twentieth century. He planned to enter the family food processing business but changed his mind after he met the great evangelist Dwight L. Moody and felt God calling him to the mission field.  He decided to become a missionary to Muslims in northern China.  His father was horrified at the thought, and threatened to cut William off from the family fortune if he went through with his plans. 

  Faced with a choice between inheriting millions and taking over the family business empire, or bringing the good news of God’s love to Islamic Chinese, William followed his heart.  He moved to Cairo to study Arabic in preparation for his work in the mission field. There he caught cerebral meningitis and died at the age of twenty-five. 
His friends found his Bible and sent it back to his family in America. Inside, he had written the date he renounced his fortune, then added this notation:  “NO RESERVE”
Another date marked the time when his father told him he’d never work in the family business. This date was followed by the words:  “NO RETREAT”
The last notation was dated just before he died.  After that date his family read these words: “NO REGRETS”

  His resolve and tenacious faith moved his parents deeply.  The Borden family donated a million dollars to the China Inland Mission and other Christian missionary organizations.  Part of it was used to build the Borden Memorial Hospital, still operating today in the Chinese city of Lanzhou. 

  Today, a hundred years later, William’s passion for serving Christ still brings hope and healing to people he never saw.  His life and faith are helping people right now, who have no idea he ever existed.

  Read the 11th chapter of Hebrews and be thrilled by the number of people who committed themselves to God and righteousness.  We are blessed today by their resolve to serve God.  They are dead but still speak to us of faithfulness.  What is our influence for Christ that will out live us and bless others?

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  1. George Bush once said in his defense that he was only “influencing others for Christ”. That is what our whole life should be about.We don’t always know who the recipents are.Yesterday in a Bible class the teacher mentioned a former minister who had influenced him to be a follower of Christ.He also mentioned me. I remember the Scripture that says “when you get the applause of men that you have received your reward” so I tend to rather receive my reward in heaven. However, it may spur us on to do good works for the Master. (Not that we’ll be saved by good works but “we were created to do good works”. Eph.. 2:8-10.

  2. Wonderful devotion Max! No Reserve, No Retreat, No Regrets! What a message all need to hear today in our devotion to Christ!

  3. Thank you Max,you never cease to bless my heart with words from your heart. I know so many people are blessed from reading your weekly devotionals. I am going to remember this, the 3 “Rs” No Reserve, No Retreats, and No Regrets!
    Love and Prayers, Joann

  4. Excellent devotional. How sad (from a human perspective) that he was willing to leave all behind in this world to serve Christ. Then he was taken at such a young age. It makes me wonder why, when he could have done so much good with his devotion to Christ. But we don’t know the why’s, only that His ways “are higher than our ways, and His thoughts than our thoughts”. We simply have to trust Him and know that He knows what is best. Thank you for your devotionals. I really enjoyed the Bible study yesterday evening. You are a wonderful teacher!

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