My good friend, Bobby Awtrey, put the following true story in his recent newsletter.  I want to share it with you.

“New Year’s Day, 1929, Georgia Tech played the University of California in the annual Rose Bowl Football game.  In that game a man by the name of Roy Riegels recovered a fumble for California.  Unfortunately, he became confused and began running the wrong way.  One of his teammates, Benny Lom, over took and tackled him just before he scored for the opposing team. This was during the first half.  Everyone was wondering what Coach Nibb Price would do with Roy Riegels in the second half.
During the half-time break Riegels sat alone in a corner, wrapped a blanket around his shoulders, put his hands in his face and cried like a baby.  Three minutes before the start of the second half Coach Price looked at the team and said, “Men, the same team that played the first half will start the second.”  Riegels never moved.  The coach called him and again he never moved.   Coach Price went over to where Riegels sat and said, “Roy, didn’t you hear me?  The same team that played the first half will start the second.”

Riegels said, “Coach, I can’t do it to save my life. I’ve ruined you.  I’ve ruined the University of California. I’ve ruined myself. I couldn’t face that crowd in the stadium to save my life.”  Then, Coach Price reached out and put his hand on Riegel’s shoulder and said, “Roy, get up and go on back, the game is only half over.”  Roy Riegels went back. Those Tech men will tell you they have never seen a man play football as Roy Riegels played that second half.”

The Apostle Peter is a favorite because he messed up big time when he denied ever knowing Jesus. What a lie.  It hit Peter hard, so much so, that he went out into the night weeping.  Matthew 26:75   When Jesus resurrected from the dead, He told the women, “But go, tell his disciples AND PETER, He is going ahead of you into Galilee.  There you will see Him, just as He told you.”  Mark 16:7  This was the beginning of Peter’s slow struggle back to God. Jesus was encouraging Peter not to quit, don’t be defeated, life is ahead of you and in Jesus you can overcome your sin.

Isn’t that what God does for you and me as His children?  Time and time again, we blow it.  We fail. We mess things up.  We feel like such a failure.  But, Jesus is always there.  He encourages us by His Spirit through His Word telling us, “Get up. Don’t quit. I am with you.  I love you and I will never leave you or forsake you.”

5 Responses to “DON’T QUIT”

  1. Where would any of us be without a second chance? Fortunately, HE gives us even many more…..Amazing Grace! Thank you Max for this reminder.

  2. Another great devotional ! God has use these words of yours to incourage others. Thank you for your service to HIM in this way !~
    Love and Prayers, Joann

  3. How encouraging to know that God gives us chance after chance. That is in no way a license to continue to do things that grieve Him. But thankfully He says to forgive 70 x 7. What a wonderful God! Thank you Max for your encouraging words to start the week.

  4. What a wonderful message!!! Thanks, Betty Jennings

  5. Brother Max,
    Thanks for sharing this powerful and needed message! Life is never easy; everyone of us faces hardships, disappointments and lots of temptaitons, but this is the only race ran with price that is not perishable and no moths to destory and only Jesus is the Great Rewarder!
    First, don’t give hte devil a toehold in your life! IF old “friends” drag you down, stay away from them. If old habits have you in their grip, ask God to help you replace them with new ways of living. In addition, learn to warlk with Christ every day through reading the Bible, prayer and fellowship with other believers. Finally, don’t rely on your own strength to win the battle but on Christ and His strength. Perserverance is a great virtue for the Christian. Remember what Jesus said, “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

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