No use talking about Easter, resurrection, new life, without talking about Good Friday, crucifixion, death.  You must have a Cross before you can have a Crown.  There can be no new life without death.
Jesus died for us.  We call it Good Friday.  It was really Bad Friday. It was horrible , the killing of an innocent man.  That man, Jesus never did anything wrong nor harmed a soul.  He only did good, only blessed.  Yet, hate, envy, greed, selfishness, sin nailed him to a cross.  The Romans and the Jews, by killing Jesus, thought they had put a bloody period to His life.  That they had defeated Him.  Crucifixion of Jesus ended the matter.  They buried Him out of sight. “Out of sight out of mind.”

  But wait, don’t get in such a hurry.  God is not done yet.  He allowed His Son to die and be buried, but that is not the end.  Three days later this same Jesus came alive.  The tomb became empty.  The rock in the mouth of the tomb was rolled away not to let Jesus out, but to let people in to see that Jesus was gone.  He died but now He is alive.

  How do I know that this is true?  THE TOMB IS EMPTY…The soldiers were told to lie about it in order to cover up the fact that the body was gone.  This lie convinced no one.  The rage and wrath of Rome would have gotten that body back. In all of history, the body of Jesus has never been discovered.  If at any time a body, claiming to be the bones of Jesus, could be produced, it would stop Christianity in its tracks.  Christianity alone dares claim a resurrected Lord.  The Lord’s invitation is “Come and see.”  Look for yourself, the tomb is empty.  The angel said, “He is not here,  for He is risen as He said.”

  Further evidence is the fact that for 40 days Jesus showed Himself alive.  Let’s ask some of the eyewitnesses…
Mary Magdalene did not recognize Jesus until He spoke her name, “Mary.”  She cried out “Teacher” and took hold of Him.  She was told to go tell the disciples and she did saying, “I HAVE SEEN THE LORD.”
Jesus appeared to two depressed travelers on the Road to Emmaus. They had hoped that this Jesus whom they believed is now dead would redeem Israel.  Jesus talked with them about the Old Testament prophecies being fulfilled, and then went home with them for a meal.  During the meal, He revealed Himself to them. They returned to Jerusalem and told the disciples, “IT  IS TRUE THE LORD HAS RISEN.” 
Jesus appeared to the Disciples in the Upper Room in Jerusalem, Thomas being absent.  They thought He was a ghost. Jesus said, “TOUCH ME AND SEE; A GHOST DOES NOT HAVE FLESH AND BONES, AS YOU SEE I HAVE.”  He ate with them.
Jesus appeared a week later, Thomas being present. Jesus said to Thomas, “PUT YOUR FINGER HERE, SEE MY HANDS. REACH OUT YOUR HANDS AND PUT IT INTO MY SIDE. STOP DOUBTING AND BELIEVE.”  Thomas said,  “MY LORD AND MY GOD.”
Another appearance to the disciples was on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. A special appearance to Saul (Paul) at the city gate of Damascus. Paul wrote in the first Corinthian letter that Jesus appeared to more than 500 followers at the same time, most of them were still alive.   What more evidence could we want?  One more, JESUS IS ALIVE IN US.   What happened to Jesus must happen to us.  He died, we must die to sin and self.  He was buried, as proof of His death, so we must be buried (baptized). He arose and we too rise to walk in newness of life.
It is not what changes us, but who changes us.  We have Jesus living in us therefore, we  cannot stay the same. 
  The Tomb is empty, therefore we can believe “BECAUSE HE LIVES, WE CAN LIVE ALSO.”

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  1. I love Easter and it is my favorite Christian holiday. It is so packed full of meaning that it is hard to get my mind around it. Last night I watched “The Bible” mini-series on TV and it was especially meaningful. It is, of course, leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection but it makes the story come alive for me. I rejoice because I KNOW that He lives!!!

    I can’t wait to read your next one on the “Hound of Heaven”. I have been praying and asking God to be the hound of heaven and to pursue our son with a vengence. He is away from the Lord right now and I am very concerned about him. I love the word-picture of this. Have a very safe trip and I look forward to hearing from you again when you return.

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