The following article appeared in the South Louisville Christian Church, Louisville, Kentucky, news letter.  I hope it will challenge you as it did me.   There is a story told of an exceptionally gifted surgeon.  One night this surgeon got a phone call in the middle of the night.  It was the hospital. They told […]


  “If it is the will of God,” people will say, we will do this or that.  It seems to me that if there is uncertainty about what the will of God is, it should not be done.  As Christians, we seek for divine guidance for the living of our lives. So, the issue is, […]


  Do you know what a “divining rod” is?  According to the dictionary it is, “A forked branch or stick that is believed to indicate subterranean water or minerals by bending downward when held over a source.”     My good friend in Louisville, Kentucky, Chuck Shumann sent me this account concerning his experience with a […]


  Who pursues us like no human lover ever would?  Who would go to the ends of the earth to draw us to Himself? Who has released the hounds of heaven to retrieve us?  Who will never leave nor forsake us? GOD IS WHO. The “Hound of Heaven” is a poem written by English poet […]