My good friend, Glen Wheeler, wrote an article in the Southeast Outlook, the Southeast Christian Church newspaper, on this subject.  I thought I want to make a devotional on this subject, using some of his material, so here goes.   “Everything has a name.  Every country has a name. All animals have a name.  All sports teams have […]


  Jesus told the parable of the weeds as recorded in Matthew 13:24-31.  It is the story of weeds being sown among the wheat.  The wheat and weeds grow up together. The servants want to go into the field and pull up the weeds.  But, the Master told them not to do this because when […]

70 A.D.

  My dear friend, Chuck Schumann in Louisville, Kentucky and I have been discussing 70 A.D.  We both are amazed that this subject which is so clear in Scripture is so neglected.  It is written about in all three Gospels:  Mathew chapter 24, Mark chapter 13 and Luke chapter 21.  I would think that the repetition […]


You may have read this poem before but it is worth a reread.  It has some great truth in it.  This poem was written by Linda Ellis. The words have changed many lives.  They could change yours too. “I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend He referred […]