All people must come to grips with authority.  There has to be a chain of command, someone has to be in charge.

All Christians, since the days of the New Testament Apostles, are to put ourselves directly underneath the authority of the teachings of the Apostles.
No human has the right to add or subtract from those Scriptures and no person has a right to claim to be a modern day apostle. These Apostles were those who were eye-witnesses of Jesus and who had received directly God’s Holy Spirit to guide them in Divine Truth.   This commenced on the Day of Pentecost as recorded for us in the 2nd chapter of the book of Acts.

Such teaching exalted Jesus the Christ as our head and God as our final authority.  That means that no human being, be he preacher, church board, pope or any other religious government is the authority over us spiritually.  The authority is God through His Word, the Bible.  We do not function in the realm of authority but of responsibilities.  The Church, obedient believers in Jesus, is not ruled over by one man or many men.  It is not a democracy, ruled by majority vote.  The governing of the church is not for the purpose of control but for utilizing the many talents and interests of its members to fulfill the total work of the Lord.

Knofel Staton wrote: “We in the church must realize that spirituality is more important than instant success, service is more important than status, people are more important than projects, following the lord is more important than climbing ladders, individuals are more important than crowds and fellowship is more important than enterprise.”

We must live and teach God’s truth, as best we know it.  Our authority is God.  Our conviction is that the Bible is the authentic voice of God.
We must be understanding and tolerant of all people, no matter  how we differ. We must genuinely love people.
We must leave eternal judgment of the destiny of the soul of man up to God.  Each person must be free to chose their own destiny.
We must work on ourselves becoming more Christ-like, rather than being critical of others.  We are all equal, being sinners, saved by the Grace of God.

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  1. Good Morning Max , Thank you so much for this truth !
    So many are now believing most any thing that comes along,the Bible is the only book that holds the truth ,God’s mind and love letters to us ! thank you too for continuing to send out these devotionals each week that bless so many !
    Love and Prayers, Joann

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