I don’t know the author of this poem but I think it is powerful and oh so true.


“It’s Friday…Jesus was nailed dead on a cross…but Sunday’s coming.
It’s Friday..Mary’s crying her eyes out ’cause her baby Jesus is dead…but Sunday’s coming.
It’s Friday…The disciples are running in every direction like sheep without a shepherd…but Sunday’s coming.
It’s Friday…Pilate’s strutting around washing his hands cause he thinks he’s got all the power and the victory…but Sunday’s coming.
It’s Friday…People are saying, “all things have been so they shall always be.  You can’t change anything in this world.”…but Sunday’s coming.
It’s Friday…Satan’s doing a little jig saying, “I control the whole world.” …but Sunday’s coming.
It’s Friday…The temple veil ripped from top to bottom – the earth shook – the rocks split and tombs opened.
The centurion screamed in fear, “Truly He is the Son of God”…Sunday’s coming.
It’s Sunday…The angel, like dazzling lightning, rolled the stone away, exclaiming, “He is not here. He is risen.”
It’s Sunday – It’s Sunday.”

We need to remember that no matter how difficult the Fridays in our lives are, Sunday is coming.  As Christians, we look forward to a new day.

Isn’t it amazing that earth’s darkest day and earth’s brightest day were just three days apart.  On Friday, Jesus was crucified.  All the world must know what God, out of love, did for all mankind.  He gave His Son on the cross for the reconciliation of mankind.  God offers His love and mercy to sinful man through Jesus.  Our forgiveness is made possible only through the perfect sacrifice of Christ.  The cross would have no meaning were it not for the empty tomb. Everything hinges on His resurrection.

That’s it – that is what makes bad Friday good.  The empty tomb.  God raised Jesus from the dead.  He is alive.  He lives and because He lives, we can live also.  “He that has the Son, has life.”
Christians are not on their way to death, but on their way to life.  Choose Christ and life.

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  1. Dear Max , this is one of my favorites ! I know everyone will receive a blessing and also encouragement from this one ! Things may not be right in this world, but Thanks be to God, our SUNDAY is coming and we will be with the LORD JESUS !

    Love and Prayers, Joann

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