Daniel Poling’s son came to his father’s study before leaving for the service, during the time of war, to ask a very difficult thing.  “Dad” he said, “I don’t want you to pray for my return, that wouldn’t be fair.  Many will not return and to ask God for special family favors just wouldn’t be fair.  Pray, […]


I am reading with great interest a biography of Harry S Truman.  There was more to this man that meets the eye.  He was  a modest man.  He did not have a college degree.  But, a very wise man.  He loved people.  He was a farmer most of his younger years.  At 32 years of age, […]


Phip Sams is senior minister of the First Christian Church in Kingsport, Tennessee.  I ministered to this congregation for five years.   Phip had this article in his church newsletter that I want to share with my readers. “The 92 year old, petite, well poised and proud lady, who is fully dressed each morning by […]

Humbly Serve

Being a Christian is synonymous with being a servant.  We are called to serve. Jesus taught this in the story of the Rich Young Ruler.  Luke 18:18-29.  The question the young man asked was, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”  Jesus’ answer may be surprising for He said, “Sell everything you have and […]