“Life is a struggle” – have you found it so?  Job did.  The story of Job is his struggle with terrible suffering.  Job has God on trial asking Him, “tell me God, what is going on, nothing that I have done, deserves this kind of suffering.”   Friends of Job came to sympathize with him. They sat with him, saying nothing for seven days.  Then, it is that Job speaks, cursing the day that he was born.  His friends can’t stand to hear him talk like that so they have to speak.  They judge him. Their theology, religious belief, is that all suffeirng is due to sin. So. Job what have you done wrong to deserve all this suffering?  Confess it, repent and everything will be alright.  Get right with God and you will be blessed.  They were wrong in their religious belief.  It is NOT true that all suffering is due to sin.  Now, it is true that all sin brings suffering but all suffering is not due to sin.

We must be careful what we say in the face of suffering.  It seems that we think we must say something yet our presence says the most.  Just be there, be supportive.  Don’t judge the sufferer. What is done is done, they feel badly enough.  Allow each individual to suffer in their own way and at their own time.  All suffering is unique and individualistic.

Job wants God to speak, to expain why all this is happening.  Finally God breaks the silence.  Out of the storm of suffering, God answers Job.  God speaks of all His creation.  Out of nothing, God made everything.
God asks Job, what did he have to do with all this?  What right does the made have of criticizing the Maker?
God does not owe mankind an answer.

Job finally comes to the realization that he is not God.  He is humbled, feels his own unworthiness. His pride is broken. He is overwhelmed and acknowledges that he has said enough.  Man can’t do what God did and does. There can only be one God, Jehovah He is God.  In the end, Job is blessed and his friends are rebuked.

Job never denied the existence of God, just questioned His justice.  Job was not given answers but insight.
What makes we human beings think that we would understand if God gave us all the answers.  We must let God be God and accept the presence of mystery.  It is to let our faith in God stand in spite of our lack of understanding.  Lack of facts, leaves room for faith.

Living is a matter of experiencing God not experiencing freedom from suffering.  It is the struggle itself that leads to the experience of knowing.  All the knowledge of God that we need is given to us in His word, the Bible.


6 Responses to “LIFE IS A STRUGGLE”

  1. Thank you for your comments on Job.

  2. Thanks, Max, for giving us the “short story” of a book a lot of folks find difficult to read, but contains the kind of wisdom that brings peace to all those who suffer.

  3. Max , Thank you for this great reminder . I have been “under the weather this week” ,and just wondered “why” I was feeling so good, just a set back it seems. I am not blaming God ,but I have ask why . There’s so much I would like to be doing at church . Thank you again for the lesson in Job. . God put this in His Word for (me), us to learn a great lesson I Have so much to be thankful for !
    Love and Prayers, Joann.

  4. One of your best Max. I needed that.

  5. Good devotion Max. We all need to periodically be reminded that God is in charge not us. And it’s a good thing that this is true.

  6. Very good devotional. The thing that sticks with me most is that “not all suffering is due to sin but all sin brings suffering”. Well said and gives the proper perspective. Sorry Joann is not feeling well. I hope you are doing well with your stents. Have a wonderful New Year!

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