For me, one of the most impressive places in the Holy Land was the Garden of Gethsemane. I felt His presence there.
Christ’s greatest hour of trial was in the Garden.  He met it on His knees in prayer. As we face a brand NEW YEAR, we need to do so in prayer.

See this struggle of Jesus anew.  The Last Supper is over and Jesus has gone with His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane. The eleven followed Jesus, disturbed and subdued.  Jesus had eight of the disciples to wait on the edge of the Garden, while He took His closest three with Him further into the Garden.  Then, Jesus told them to wait and watch with Him.  Before any could speak, He moved on alone into the heart of the Garden.  At a spot alone, Jesus fell beneath the heavy burden of mental anguish.  Jesus believed that the salvation of the whole human race rested upon Him.

Yet, Gethsemane challenged what Jesus was about to do.  For defeat, disgrace and approaching death shook His convictions to the foundation.  He cried out against it, “Father, Father.”  Christ was so young, so vigorous.  He loved life, but death looked Him in the face. Slow torture and shameful humiliation, unnecessary death, tomorrow – how all of this flooded His mind. All of the past three years of His ministry, the purpose for His coming to earth, began to overwhelm Him.  Suddenly. Jesus cried out, “Father, if it be possible to permit this cup to pass me by so be it, but not my will but yours be done.”  This is where Jesus won the victory over sin and death.  He yielded His will to the will of the Father, God.

Jesus went to His disciples and told them, “Rise, let us be going. He who betrays me is at hand.”  Celsus, the pagan philosopher, who attacked Christianity used that sentence as an argument that Jesus tried to run away. It is the very opposite.  Jesus was saying, that the time for prayer and the time for decision making is over.  Now is the time for action. Life is to be faced at its grimmest and men at their worst.  Jesus rose from His knees to face His death upon a cross.  But, He knew that God was still with Him and was to accomplish His will through Him.  Jesus came to do the will of His Father.

As was true for Jesus, it is true for His followers.  We too must go through the Garden of Gethsemane, yielding our will to do the will of the Father.  His will is recorded and revealed in the Bible. We pray to cooperate with God.  Prayer is the battle field in which we must yield our will to do His will.  Learn His will and live within it.  Avail yourself often of the power and purpose waiting you in the GARDEN OF PRAYER.

2 Responses to “GARDEN OF PRAYER”

  1. Thank you Brother Max. This message bringing home Jesus’ example of submitting to the Father,s will is so important to our family this week.

  2. Thank you Max, We are all learning each day how important it is to be submissive to our Heavenly Father.
    We just need to pray for wisdom in all we have to do .
    We have family that are looking and praying for guidance
    In life decisions !! Not only should Sr. Adults be praying, but the Young people should seek God’s guidance too It would make life much simpler ! I am Glad Jesus set the example, if He, Prayed, we sure ought to do the same !

    Love and Prayers ,Joann
    By the Way, I really enjoyed the message today !!

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