Bobby R. Awtry, minister friend, wrote this illustration in his Lighthouse Baptist Church Newsletter.  I want to share it with you.

“I heard a story about a young woman named Linda who was traveling alone up the rugged highway from Alberta to the Yukon.  The first evening she found a room at a small-town Inn in the mountains and figured she’d continue her journey bright and fresh, early the next morning.  But strangely, when she called down to the front desk and asked for a wakeup call at 5 AM the clerk sounded puzzled by her request.
She awoke bright and early as she intended, and suddenly realized the reason for the clerks reaction the night before.  A thick fog covered the mountain tops – it was not the kind of weather in which you’d want to take a Sunday drive.  Not wanting to look foolish, however, she got her things together and went to breakfast.  There, she met two friendly truck drivers, who invited her to join them.  “So, where are you headed?” one of the truckers asked.  “Whitehorse”, Linda replied.
“You’re not planning on driving that little car are you?” he said chuckling and pointing outside at the only little car among several eighteen-wheelers in the parking lot.  “This pass is dangerous in weather like this.”  “Well,” said Linda, “I’m determined to try.”  “Well then – I guess we’re just going to have to hug you,” the other trucker suggested.  “What?” Linda gasped, “I don’t think that would be appropriate.”
“Not like that.” the two truck drivers laughed heartily.  “We’ll put one truck in front of you and one in the rear.  In that way, we’ll get you through the mountains.”
All that foggy morning, Linda followed the two red dots in front of her and had the reassurance of a big escort behind as they made their way safely through the mountains.

Just as Linda did, we often feel confident that we can get by on our own, without any help from anyone else – and before we know it, we’re lost in the thick fog of the mountain of life. We all need support, help as we go through life.  We need to feel the squeeze, the hug of others.  We give physical hugs, but also prayer support to strengthen and encourage each other.  We hug each other through our prayers. As Christians, we are members of God’s family supporting each other.

God speaks to us in the pages of Hebrews 10:25 stating: “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but encouraging one another: and all the more, as you see the day drawing near.” 

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  1. Good thought Max. You come from a congregation of huggers. And not just on Sunday morning. They are real Christian huggers. God bless you all.

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