There is a war going on and Christians are involved.  The Apostle Paul writes about it in the sixth chapter of the book of Ephesians.  Read versus 10 through 22.  The author, Paul, has spent two years under house arrest in Rome.  He takes this time to write letters to the churches that he has started, one of which is the congregation at Ephesus.

Don’t fight the wrong enemy.  It is a war of ideas, a war of Masters, a war of minds and hearts, a war of false thoughts and attitudes.   The battle is not against people, but against the devil.  The devil is the enemy.  He is real, he is strong, clever, cunning, deceitful.  The devil uses people as they let him.

We Christians need all the help we can get to stand against the evil one.  So God, through Paul, urges us to PUT ON GOD’S ARMOR.  We must be ready to stand against every challenge,  against the “day of evil” – temptation that would wear us down and destroy us.  Be fully clothed with this defensive armor:  belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, feet of peace, shield of faith, and helmet of salvation.  The only armor that we have to attack the devil is the “sword of the Spirit.”  We fight with the Word of God.  We preach, teach, live the Word.

There is no armor for the back so there can be no retreat, no cowards, no turning back and if we do, we are not fit for the Kingdom of God.

Over all this there is prayer support.  Jesus told His disciples to “watch and pray.”  We must keep the communication line open with the Commander and Chief.  Allow God’s Spirit through the Word to lead in your prayer life.  Pray for all Christians.  Pray for one another.

Paul needed prayer for himself. He does not ask for freedom from jail but courage, faithfulness to boldly preach the “mystery of the Gospel.”   What is that “mystery?”   The secret is out.  Jesus has come to make all mankind ONE.  No longer is there division between Jew and Gentile but in Christ, there is Unity.  Paul is an ambassador, a representative of the One who sent him.

We are in a battle for our souls, our life, we must be ready.  PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD.

2 Responses to “CHRISTIAN ARMOR”

  1. Thank you so much , Max for these reminders. It is hard to keep out “Grade Up” WE sure need prayer ,for each other. . Thank you for your faithfulness to give me, and so many others these words of encouragement each week.
    Love and prayers, Joann

  2. Sometimes it seems we are loosing this battle you are speaking of. So much evil and corruption in this old world. It is all around us. I have to keep reminding myself that Christ has already won this battle for us. We are the victors through Him who is our salvation. Thanks for your reminder Max. God bless you and Joann

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