Frank Lloyd Wright, speaking of the big gray Metropolitan Museum said, “Public rooms should be only about twelve feet high, so people will not feel insignificant.”
This seems to be the trend of our times.  Everything must be keyed and toned down to man’s understanding, lest he get an ‘inferiority complex’.  Books must be written in the language of the gutter, motion pictures must not appeal above a mental age of eleven years.  The height of inspiration must not exceed 12 feet, twice the measure of a tall man,  A person must not be expected to lift his eyes beyond double his own stature.  No person dares to be outstanding lest he make others feel inferior.

But, do you see what this limited ceiling, no matter where you set its limits, does for living?  It robs us of our struggle, our initiative, because it limits goals and challenges.  Avoid struggle and life becomes sterile and meaningless.  No person is ever greater than the difficulties he overcomes.  Great difficulties, great people. Small difficulties, small people. From struggle and conflict comes physical strength and mental and spiritual health.

Ulysses S. Grant was at one time nicknamed, ‘Useless’ Grant. A total failure at age 35.  He resigned his commission from the United States Army because of public intoxication. Ten years later, he was commander-in-chief of the Union Army with the faith and hope of millions centered on him.   Unconditional surrender of himself to the cause of the Union strengthened his inner self.
Abraham Lincoln at 45 years of age was a disappointed politician, so depressed that melancholy dripped from him as he walked and his close friends feared he might commit suicide. Then something happened, he became interested in the slavery question.  Lincoln who had been as inwardly divided as states of the Union, was now possessed by a cause greater than himself which pulled him together to become a powerful servant of God and all mankind.

Jesus taught, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”   Matthew 10:39
When ever we lose our self to a greater cause than self, we will find success.  Successful living comes from within. In Christ, you have a power greater than your own.  You can master your world, not by what you can master, but by what masters you.  Permit Jesus to master you and His cause of righteousness to be your purpose for living. Let Him work in and through you to accomplish His will.

There is no limit as to what God can do with a person dedicated and consecrated to Him.

3 Responses to ““UNLIMITED CEILING””

  1. Thank you again, God is continuing to use you and give you thoughts for words of love and encouragement for so many !! Even as we move, we both will be used in God’s work !!
    Love and prayers, Joann

  2. Both of you are so special to me and Bill and we wish you God’s Blessings.
    And I pray that you will love your new home.I do still look forward to reading
    your devotion, You do such a good job.
    We Love ya’ll

  3. You and Joanne will be in my thoughts and prayers as you pack and prepare to move in the next few days. Please take it very easy and don’t get too ambitious as you go through the riggers of lifting, bending over, picking up, etc, etc,. God’s blessings on you both.

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