Let us suppose that we are watching a hockey game and a giant comes along and asks what the struggle is all about. We tell this giant that the object is to get that little black puck into the net at either end. So, the giant thinking to please us, walks on the field, knocks men right and left, picks up the puck, brushes off the goal keeper and puts the puck in the net. What a riot he would create if this happened. All of us would cry, “Interference. You can’t play the game that way. The game is ruined.”

For God to interfere with our choices would make the game of life meaningless.

Choice is what makes man unique. If we didn’t have choice we would be puppets. Choice makes us accountable and responsible for our actions. God has blessed us with free will.

There are three crucial questions for life: “Where Did I Come From?” “Who Am I?” and “Where Am I Going?” A study in the Bible  helps us answer these questions. First, I am a creation of God because He made me. Secondly, I am an adopted child of God through His Son, Jesus. He gave me the ‘right’ to become a child of His.  John 1:12 “Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His name.  He gave the right to become children of God.”  Thirdly, He promises His adopted children His kind of life now and forever more. In Christ Jesus, God has provided for my salvation. Man must accept His gift.

In Genesis, we learn the origin of sin. Adam and Eve knew God’s conditions for Life and they disobeyed Him. Therefore, by their own choice they lost Paradise and eternal life. What God promised to man in the beginning, perfect harmony with Him, man can have back by man’s deliberate choice of faith in Jesus Christ.

CHOOSE CHRIST AND LIFE, NOT SIN AND DEATH.   I am told that on the desk of the late President,  Harry S Truman  “The buck stops here.”  It is up to you as to what choice you make.


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