I have heard real-estate people say that successful sales has to do with three things which are:  location, location, location.  May I say that the three things which are necessary for a successful Christian life are: humility, humility, humility.  It seems to me that we in the church have said too little about this virtue.  It is […]


There was a touching moment on television at the end of the 1980 Winter Olympic Games.  The U.S. hockey team beat the Russians. This was an incredible feat.  All through the hockey game the cameras focused on goalie Jim Craig and on his father in the stands. The reason being that Craig’s mother had recently died […]


At the foot of the Swiss Alps is a marker honoring a man who fell to his death attempting the ascent.  The marker gives his name and this brief epitaph, “HE DIED CLIMBING.” This made me think of the Apostle Paul.  He wrote in the 3rd chapter of Philippians, verse 7 and 9 these words:  “I consider […]


A story is told of a man seated on a crowed bus.  Men and women were standing in the aisle.  This man seated has his head bowed and his eyes closed.  The person seated beside him is concerned.  So, he asked the man, “Sir, I see that your head is bowed and your eyes are closed, […]