A story is told of a man seated on a crowed bus.  Men and women were standing in the aisle.  This man seated has his head bowed and his eyes closed.  The person seated beside him is concerned.  So, he asked the man, “Sir, I see that your head is bowed and your eyes are closed, are you sick?”  The reply was “no.”  The passenger then asked, “are you in prayer?” Again the reply was “no.”  Well may I ask, “why do you keep your head bowed and your eyes closed?”  The man does not open his eyes nor lift his head.  He simply answered, “I can’t stand to see women standing.”

Now, we will have to keep our heads bowed and our eyes shut if we are going to fail to see human needs.  As Christians, we must reach out holy hands to do good unto all mankind.  We try to teach people on how to share their faith. This is getting  the cart before the horse. We must teach people how to love people.  If we are going to serve people, we must love people.  Someone said, “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

Jesus taught that the greatest of all is the servant of all.  Now, that is contrary to our way of thinking.  Our worldly standard links greatness with authority.  We test greatness by the number of those who serve us.  We honor those who have accumulated great wealth.  Our hats are off to the go-getter, the achiever. We seek to be served rather than to serve. Yet, according to God, service is the way of greatness. Jesus came not to be served but to serve.

We must see our world through the eyes of Jesus.  People are hurting, sorrowing, hungering and it is evident that most people are sheep without a shepherd. The Christians have the God-given task of binding up the wounded, helping up the fallen, comforting those who are in sorrow, feeding the hungry, befriending the lonely and giving spiritual guidance to the confused.  This is all accomplished by exalting Jesus through word and deed.  People must see Jesus in us.  We dare not isolate or segregate ourselves from the world.  We must be in the world, but not of the world.  We must not be a part of the problem of our sin ridden world but we must be a part of the solution as we live Christ before them.

I learned this saying, “My walk talks and my talk walks but my walk talks further  than my talk walks.”
Christians are the salt of the earth but the salt must get out of the shaker. Love people as Jesus loves you.

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