I was thrilled by the large statue of Jesus that was evident during the recent Olympics. Max Lucado writes this concerning that statue in Brazil. “The Christ the Redeemer statue. The figure stands guard over the city, one hundred and twenty-five feet tall with an arm span of nearly a hundred feet. More than a […]


When I hear or sing the song, “Amazing Grace”, I think of Aunt Maggie.  She  was a blind, black lady living alone in a cabin up in the hills about five miles from Johnson Bible College, now Johnson University, Tennessee. We students would hike over to her house to see how she was doing.  We […]


Rio de Janeiro summer Olympic games are exciting.  Joann and I have spent a lot of time watching.  We are amazed by the talent and strength of the athletics.  At what a cost.  These men and women have beat their bodies into submission.  They have disciplined themselves to be physically and mentally fit to participate in the […]


Convicted murderer, Richard Liggett, died of cancer and was buried on prison grounds in a $ 215 dollar casket last March. The casket was of his own design, one of many he had already made for other convicts who had died in prison.  Last June, Ruth Graham was laid to rest in a casket costing […]