I enjoy this familiar song, “I BELIEVE”:

“I believe for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows, I believe that somewhere in the darkest night a candle glows, I believe for everyone who goes astray, Someone will come to show the way, I believe, I believe.

I believe above the storm a smallest prayer will still be heard, I believe that someone in the great somewhere hears every word, Every time I hear a newborn baby cry, or touch a leaf, or see the sky, Then I know why, I believe.”

It is crucial to believe. All of us believe something. I want to express some things I believe…

I believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word, an adequate piece of His mind. I believe that Jesus is God’s Son, the Messiah, sent to offer salvation to all mankind. I believe that the Church, God’s people, is His dwelling place on this earth. I believe that Christians are spiritual Israel. We are seeds of Abraham through faith. I believe that the New Testament/Covenant is final and eternal. It is based not on race but on grace. I believe that all who are in this Covenant have already been “brought into the Kingdom of the Son He loves.” I believe that the Great Commission of our Lord offers salvation equally to all mankind. I believe what Paul said applies to us today, “We must go through many hardships (great tribulations) to enter the Kingdom of God.” I believe Jesus is coming back to claim His own and no one knows when He will return. I believe that we must be faithful, true to Him in spite of adversities, trials, tribulations so we are prepared for His return. I believe that the uncertainty of ‘when’ He will return was intended to stimulate us to ceaseless watching rather than to foolish speculation.

Did you ever play “Hide and Seek?” One blinds their eyes and the others run and hide. The count is made and finally the shout, “Coming ready or not”. God has been counting down – 2010, 2015, 2016 COMING READY OR NOT.

Believe, trust Him, who loved you and gave Himself for you on Calvary. God so loved you that He gave His only Son to save you. This, I believe.

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